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Whatcha going to do when Crushermania runs wild on you?

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New machine concept: Crusher Hogan.
Description: A interceptor with crushing abilities to rival that of Little Monster.
Pilot's appearance: He'd resemble Hulk Hogan but with a metal tiara, metal braces on his arms, and his hair would be longer.
Machine's appearance: Envision this monster truck with a giant thruster on the back and streamers all over it.
Lore: Metal City has had lots of events over the years and it's not shy when it comes to professional wrestling! One of the best wrestlers of all time Harold J. Hogan enters the arena in his mighty monster truck to find life outside the ring.
Passive: Up and Over. Allows CH to easily run over opponents dealing slight damage.
Q: Mandible Claw: Punches enemies with his truck's tires dealing low damage.
W: High Knee. Rushes forward and kicks his back wheels at enemies damaging them and pushing them back.
E: Runnin' wild. Crusher activates the turbine on the back of his truck which causes him to accelerate at Ludacris speeds.
R: High flying elbow drop. Similar to LM's Ult but instead instantly KOs any enemy that's underneath. 

Crusher Hogan pilot..jpg


Crusher Hogan machine..jpg

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