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New machine concept: Blackout.
Description: A transporting interceptor that can deliver the bomb while dealing high damage to enemies.
Pilot's appearance: A lovely and seductive bat zoomorph in a sexy black dress with gloves and heeled boots to match.
Machine's appearance: Something like this but with bat like features.
Lore: Pandora Black is one of the City of Manfall's richest individuals who loves to look her best and woo others who are just as rich as she is. One night during one of her parties She was visited by Metal Herald whom she had a chat with. He expressed interest in her to join the Sect of Metal to teach her the ways of it but she told him she was already familiar with the sect and she'd be glad to help! (Also she said he was very amusing) The deal was done, and now she's in the arena fighting for the sect and looking pretty while doing it! (Sometimes Full Metal Judge acts as her bodyguard)
Passive: I am the night! Whenever Blackout kills enemies with her Weapons she gets a slight speed boost that lasts for 15s.
Q: Shadow orb. Launches a orb of darkness at enemies dealing low damage and can bounce off walls.
W: Dark void. A void surrounds her machine protecting her from enemy projectiles.
E: The bat takes flight! Two bat wings appear on both sides of Blackout which propel her forward.
R: Supernova black hole. Releases a ginormous black hole which sucks in enemies and instantly kills them. (Basically works just like Dirt Devil's Ult except different) 

Vampos pilot..jpg

Vampos machine..jpg

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