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New Machine: Aim'n Shoot

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CAR NAME: Aim'n Shoot
PILOT NAME: Hansel S. Gundahar
CLASS: Transport/Intercep

Descrição do Piloto: Um homem alto, corpulento, usando roupas pretas. teria cabelo preto e olhos castanhos. Ficaria com duas bestas. Teria sotaque alemão.
Pilot Description: A tall, burly man, wearing black clothes. he would have black hair and brown eyes. He would have two beasts. He would have a German accent.

110 Fantasy RPG: Crossbow ideas in 2021 | fantasy rpg, fantasy characters,  fantasy

Descrição da Maquina: Uma caminhonete 6x6 com suspensão hidraulica, ao lado de cada porta teria uma besta que dispara um tipo de projetil diferente.
Machine Description: A 6x6 pickup truck with hydraulic suspension, next to each door would have a crossbow that fires a different type of projectile.


THEME A musica dos dois irmãos se completariam se vc sobrepor, no caso dela teria maior uso do baixo.
The music of the two brothers would be complete if you overlap, in case she would have more use of the bass.


Gemeo mais novo, veio com sua irmã para Metal City devido a um pedido de um cliente misterioso que os contratou para participar do torneio. Mestre no tiro, ele vai usar suas habilidades incapacitantes para cumprir o seu contrato.
Younger twin, he came with his sister to Metal City due to a request from a mysterious client who hired them to participate in the tournament. Master of shooting, he will use his disabling skills to fulfill his contract.

PASSIVE - Rune Mark

Toda vez que acertar um inimigo marca ele. Todo inimigo marcado se atingido novamente passa a dar 25% do dano tomado como cura.
Every time you hit an enemy it marks it. Every enemy marked if hit again starts to deal 25% of the damage taken as a cure.

Viking Valkyrie arrow with rune symbols... Design commission Copyright of  #lucybrowntattoos - #arrow #commission… | Arrow tattoos, Valkyrie tattoo,  Geometric tattoo

1st SKILL - Barbed Arrows

Atira uma flecha pelo lado direito do carro que causa pouco dano porem causa slow nos inimigos por 1s.
Shoot an arrow from the right side of the car that does little damage but slows enemies for 1s.

File:Krieger 1926 Philippine ethnic weapons Plate 5.png - Wikimedia Commons

2nd SKILL - PEM Arrow

Atira uma flecha pelo lado esquerdo do carro que causa dano por segundo e reduz o ataque do inimigo em 20% por 2s.
Shoots an arrow from the left side of the car that deals damage per second and reduces the enemy's attack by 20% for 2s.

Breath of the Wild: Shock Arrow - Orcz.com, The Video Games Wiki

3rd SKILL - All Terrain 

Ativa a suspensão especial do carro enquanto avança pra frente, passando por cima de qualquer carro causando slow nos carros que passar
Activates the special suspension of the car while advancing forward, going over any car causing slow cars that pass

SHERP The True All Terrain Vehicle, Survival Machine

ULTIMATE - Purple Rain

Dispara para cima e causa uma chuva de flechas em uma area média circular, causando dano por segundo e slow nos inimigos.
Shoots upwards and causes a shower of arrows in a medium circular area, causing damage per second and slow to enemies.

Bowmaster revamp and more! [Animated GIFs duh!]

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Pick quote: "I'll just get straight to the point!"
Pick 2: "To the arena my sister!"
Kill quote: "You've just took a arrow to the knee!"
Low life: "Sister help me please...."
Boost: "Get over it!"
Ult: "Danger from above!"
Win quote: "I knew i could count on you sis."
Lose quote: "I better not tell her about this.."

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