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I got you in my sights!

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New machine concept: Hunter.
Description: An Interceptor that can sabotage. 
Pilot's appearance: He'd be a Australian man that wears a hunter's outfit with a helmet plus a jackaroo hat.
Machine's appearance: A jeep with a giant sniper rifle coming out of the passenger side.
Lore: A hunter who loves to hunt animals for sport. While he was hunting FMJ witnessed what he was doing and tried to assainate him for killing the animals but he escapes to the arena to carry on hunting season.
Passive: Keen eye. Hunter's weapons never miss due to him being one of the greatest snipers around.
Q: Snipe shot. Shoots his rifle at enemies dealing low damage but never missing.
W: Net. Tosses out a net that traps enemies but doesn't damage them.
E: Deer charge. Accelerates forward ramming enemies with the horns on the front of his machine dealing medium damage.
R: Lock on. When activated, Crosshairs appear on an enemy targeting them. 2nd activation: Hunter shoots at the targeted enemy dealing high damage.

Crosshairs pilot..png

OIP (2).jpg



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