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Painting a picture today!

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New machine concept: Splat.
Description: An Interceptor that uses different types of paints with effects to dispatch enemies with.
Pilot's appearance: A Chameleon zoomorph who's an artist that wears a beret and a dress with paint stains.
Machine's appearance: Envision this race car with a paint cannon on the side and three tanks which house paint.
Lore: A young artist who resides in the City of Manfall is looking to reveal her latest picture but no one's interested... that is until Icebringer who was delivering some food saw her painting and complemented her skills then he asked "If you're a good artist, can you be a good pilot?" She replied "Sure i am!" and showed him her driving skills. She then followed him to the arena and once she arrived, she reveled her latest piece of art to eveyone! Now she fights in there using her paints to their full use!
Passive: Refill. Whenever she runs out of paint the tanks begin to refill themselves. (There is a meter that depicts this)
Q: Red fire. Shoots out a glop of red paint which turns into fire that deals damage and burns enemies.
W: Blue ice. Shoots out a glop of blue paint which turns into ice and freezes enemies but not damaging them.
E: Green speed. Splat activates a booster in her machine which causes it to accelerate forward and lay out a trail of green paint which slows enemies.
R: All mixed up. The colors in Splat's tanks mix together which releases a stream of rainbow paint consisting of red, blue, and green which deals high damage to enemies. 

Splat pilot..jpg

OIP (1).jpg



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