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The perfect prize fighter.

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New machine concept: Knockout.
Description: A boxing interceptor that rewards the player with speed after using the ult successfully.
Pilot's appearance: He would be a boxer with spiked gloves.
Machine's appearance: Take this dune buggy. Now envision it with two arms with gigantic metal boxing gloves.
Lore: Metal City's Boxing champion is bored cause he keeps knocking out every opponent with one punch, but after hearing the arena is having sign ups he goes there to join. (And hopefully experience the thrills of a real match)
Passive: Prize fighter. Rewards the player who's skilled enough when using the ult with a speed and power boost.
Q: Slugger. Extends the arms outward and punches the opponents dealing low damage with each hit. (Q key can be held down and only stops after releasing)
W: Cross Punch. Performs a cross punch that pushes enemies to the side and deals slightly higher damage than Q.
E: Dash straight. Accelerates forward and does a drill punch into enemies dealing medium damage.
R: Pulverizing power punch. Charges up and releases a power blow instantly killing enemies. (Tricky to use)

Knockout pilot..jpg


Knockout machine.jpg

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