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You're soul is mine!

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New machine concept: Metal Reaper.
Description: An Interceptor that can repair himself after killing enemies.
Pilot's appearance: the grim reaper himself but more armored. 
Machine's appearance: An off road hot rod with a skull on the front.
Lore: When the arena gets dark at night, he comes alive! The Metal Reaper strikes again! He was once a ordinary man, but when the apocalypse happened he died in the storm. Upon the afterlife he met two members of the sect of metal, which were the herald and the judge who granted him the power of the sect. Now he uses this power to it's full potential and kills his enemies off one by one!

Passive: Soul taker: Whenever he reaps an enemy it's soul is sucked in and it heals him by 15%.
Q: Tormented souls: Shoots out two spirits which dealing low damage to enemies, and slow them down.
W: Tombstone crush: His wheels grow bigger and he runs over enemies crushing them.
E: Bone bash. Accelerates forward ramming enemies into walls and dealing medium damage.
R: You're time is up!: MR throws his scythe at enemies instantly killing them and healing himself with their souls. 

Metal Reaper pilot.jpg

OIP (3).jpg

Metal Reaper machine.jpg

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