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New machine concept: Chainbrawl.
Description: A Interceptor focused on cutting down it's foes.
Pilot's appearance: Two goofy lumberjacks in overalls and toboggans.
Machine's appearance: A Lumber truck like the one pictured below but would have two gigantic saws in the front instead of a roller.
Lore: Bobby and Jim Sawshank are two lumberjacks who love to cut down trees and make them into other stuff. The Clunker bros hate them for what they did to their prized pine tree a while back, and blame them for it.
Now they enter the arena in their heavily armored Lumber truck the Chainbrawl to settle the score!
Passive: Lumber crane. Any enemy who gets too close is automatically thrown back by the crane on their truck.
Q: Buzzsaw. Shoots out a buzzsaw which cuts through enemies dealing low damage.
W: Keep those logs a rollin'! Drops a bunch of logs from the back of the machine which roll toward enemies burying them.
E: Woodchip Whoopin'. Accelerates forward blowing a trail of woodchips into enemies.
R: TIMBER!! Saws appear everywhere around the machine which deal high damage and can insert enemies into the built in chipper which can heal Chainbrawl.  

Chainbrawl pilots..jpg

Chainbrawl machine..jpg

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