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Face the light!

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New machine concept: Ray O' Light.
Description: A fragile Interceptor that uses the power of light to damage enemies and heal allies.
Pilot's appearance: He'd be an angel with an anti sect of metal symbol.
Machine's appearance: A Motorcycle which is constantly shining underneath the light.
Lore: An angel arrives in Metal City to defend it from any Sect of Metal activity that stirs up. One day while he was riding on his lightcycle, he found Photon who was severely damaged by Full Metal Judge after a match.
So he decided to help her by using his illuminating light to heal her up and fix her machine. Photon thanked him for his assistance and invited him to the arena for his gratitude. Now he fights in the arena with his new allies and together, they fight against the forces of the Sect!
Passive: Illuminate. A aura of heavenly light heals allies when near, and heals himself faster than the usual healing time.
Q: Sun Arrow. Shoots an arrow of light from his bow at enemies which damages enemies, and heals allies.
W: Shield of light. A golden shield appears at the front of his cycle which blocks enemy fire.
E: Ride of the Valkyries. Ray O' Light spreads his wings which propel him forward.
R: Heavenly Blessing. A light from the heavens shines down upon him healing himself and allies instantly. (Basically the same as Metal Herald's ult but opposite.)     

Ray o' light pilot..png

Ray o' light machine..png

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