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Don't fear death.

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New machine concept: Specter.
 Description: A transporter that can phase through enemies.
Pilot's appearance: She'd be a ghost woman in a long white dress with heels to match.
Machine's appearance: A futurized Phantom Corsair.

Lore: The spirit of a rich woman who died in a car accident enters the arena to find who's responsible for her murder.
Passive: Wandering spirit. Puts the enemy projectile through but does damage if to not OP.
Q: Will o wisp. Shoots forward a haunting light not only damaging enemies but messing with their steering.
W: Life Cycle. A ring of mist appears around her machine protecting her from enemy fire.
E: Phase. Specter disappears into a cloud of mist while accelerating forward.
R: Poltergeist. Specter releases millions of dead souls which deal high damage to enemies, and automatically repairing her.   

Spectere pilot..jpg

Spectere machine..jpg


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