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Build it up, break it down!

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New machine concept: Headlock.
Description: A interceptor who can do high damage in a big area similar to Rampage.
Pilot's appearance: She'd be a ex Maximatics employee just like Rampage.
Machine's appearance: A crawler crane with a HUGE wrecking ball bigger than normal cranes would have.
Lore: It turns out that Rampage wasn't the only Maximatics worker who was betrayed. Bethany Ironsburg Maximatics' crane operator was stripped of her freedom too. After questioning Solomon Lorde of his actions he imprisoned her along with Rampage who told her it was revenge time. Using a hammer, she armored up her crane for destruction (With some help from Rampage.) and when she was finished, she destroyed the main office using her crane's wrecking ball! Nowadays she's at the Metal City demolition site helping to bring a new meaning to "Demolition". And when she heard about the arena, she joined to thank Rampage for his help. (And to reunite with him.)

Passive: Swinging Ball. Headlock's ball swings back and forth dealing damage to enemies that get too close.
Q: Gyro Spin. She rotates her machine 360* hitting enemies with her wrecking ball.
W: Hammerton. She throws her ball forward which causes a shockwave pushing enemies back and dealing damage.
E: Boom boost. She throws her ball behind her taking slight damage but propelling her forward. (Enemies take damage if they get to close.)
R: Wrecking Revolution. Headlock swings 360" just like with weapon Q, but she does it 3 times dealing high damage to enemies and pushing them back.

Headlock pilot..jpg

Headlock machine..jpg

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