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Alakazam! 2.0

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New machine concept remake: Mysticat.
Description: An interceptor that confuses enemies instead of dealing damage.
Pilot's appearance: She'd be a young feline zoomorph who's a magician.
Machine's appearance: A van like this but it would be sparkly complete with cat ears, a top hat, catlike headlights, and a cape.
Lore: Elvina the magnificent is a famous magician from the City of Manfall who loves to put on shows for the residents! She has a loyal fanbase dedicated to her "Because i'm just amazing!" she would say.
Despite her young age she knew every magic trick from the book. One day while she was preparing for her next show, she got a letter from Killer J who wanted her to preform in his Unamusement Park.
So she accepted and drove in her machine called the Mysticat over to the park to do her show, not knowing it was all just a trick and when she found out about KJ's true motives she took action!
She fought off KJ's gang one by one, and he was so shocked that he sped off in fear! Not bothering to pursue him Elvina saw a billboard for the Metal Arena in Metal City.
She decided then and there that her next show will be in the arena. And that's where it truly was!

Passive: Magician's Assistant. One truly lucky ally gets his or her damage boosted by 15%.
Q: Spellcaster. Shoots a sparkling projectile at enemies dealing low damage but it messes with their steering.
W: Hypnosis. She casts a spell which can make enemies fall asleep and disable their weapons.
E: You can't see me! Elvina opens her van's rear doors and releases smoke propelling her forward.
R: Now I disappear! 1st tap: Elvina disappears into a cloud of smoke. 2nd tap: She reappears instantly dealing high damage to enemies and affecting their steering.

Mystikill pilot..png

2 (1).jpg

Mysticat machine..jpg

Pick quote: "It's a magical world!" (giggles)
Kill quote: "Now for my next trick..."
Low life: "Hey i'm not supposed to disappear!"
Ult: "POOF!" 2nd activation: "Here I am!" (giggles)
Win quote: "Thanks for coming to see my show!"

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