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The phoenix takes flight!

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New machine concept: Black Phoenix.
Description: An interceptor that can act as a transporter depending on the situation.
Pilot's appearance: She'd be a avian zoomorph in a superhero outfit.
Machine's appearance: It be similar to the car from The Wraith. (As pictured below.) But with fire decals.
Lore: This bird is the City of Manfall's guardian angel who protects the citizens from those who try to destroy it. She inspired herself to become a superhero after witnessing Black Lotus save some members of her flock.
Ever since then, she swore to protect the city from evil and from some encouraging from BL. Now she fights in the arena to uncover who he is and thank him for what he's done!

Passive: Power of the Phoenix. Allies get a speed boost by her flaming aura.
Q: Phoenix Fire. Shoots a ball of black fire which bounces off the walls and when it explodes it leaves the floor on fire for a few seconds.
W: Firestorm. Calls down a rain of flaming meteors dealing damage to enemies.
E: Flight of the Phoenix. Engulfing her machine in the shape of a phoenix she speeds forward.
R: Rising Phoenix. Same as E but the only difference is that she becomes invulnerable. (And the phoenix shape is black.)







Dark Raven pilot..png



Dark Raven machine..jpg

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Got confused by ColdHands but all is good now!

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