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New machine concept: Sour Note.
Description: A transporter who gains Shield or repair whenever her health is below 50%.
Pilot's appearance: She would be a possum zoomorph in a classical music outfit with some colorful twists.
Machine's appearance: It would be like the old Metal Herald vehicle but as a Plymouth Fury.
Lore: An uptight scornful zoomorph who's a famous musician from the City of Manfall is visited by MH who grants her with the sect of metal's power so she could enter the arena to uphold the sect's name.
Passive: Sinergy flow. Whenever SN's health is below 50% she gains either Shield or repair which lasts for 5%.
Q: Trombone shot 2 trombones appear on both sides of the speaker on top of her machine which shoot out musical notes that damage enemies and repair her by 15%.
W: Musical guard. Shields in the form of piano keys appear on both sides of the vehicle that reflect enemies' projectiles back at them.
E: Flow of the Rhythm. SN accelerates forward leaving a trail of musical lines on the ground which notes from Q can be fired on increasing the damage of the trail but can be destroyed with weapons like Killer J's passive.
R: Metal Orchestra. SN sings a disrupting song which is a damaging area dealing high damage to enemies around her and repairing her by 25%.

Metal Composser Pilot..jpg



Metal Composser machine..jpg

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