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New machine concept: Shellgame.
Description: A transporter that can is incredibly sturdy making him a good obstacle for when the enemy team has the bomb.
Pilot's appearance: He would be a cyberpunk knight in futuristic armor.
Machine's appearance: It would be a 6 wheeled armored truck with a railgun on top.
Lore: A cyberpunk knight and partner of Mainframe enters the arena to prove that the future is now!
Passive: Indestructible. Damage is reduced by 15%.
Q: Trip wire. Shoots out a horizontal line shaped projectile that deals damage to enemies.
W: Armadillo. Extra armor is deployed around Shellgame that reflects enemy projectiles back at them.
E: Body bash. Accelerates forward slamming his sturdy body into enemies dealing high damage.
R: Riot plow. Shellgame gains 6 full activations of Body bash and deploys a plow from the front of his machine.  

Shellgame pilot..jpg


Shellgame machine..jpg


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