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New machine concept: Shroud.
Description: A Interceptor-transporter that can deliver the bomb and deal decent damage.
Pilot's appearance: He would be a Gecko zoomorph who's a ninja.
Vehicle's appearance: it would be a Bugatti like hypercar with scaly patterns.
Lore: A mysterious zoomorph is on a mission to stop Black Lotus from learning the history behind the City of Manfall. He enters the arena to fulfill his mission.
Passive: Stealth. Enemy team cannot hear the engine.
Q: Shuriken. Fires a shuriken at enemies dealing damage and it can bounce off walls.
W: Camouflage. Disappears for 4s but he stays invisible longer with damage done by shuriken. 
E: Silent speed. Accelerates forward without a sound.
R: Stealthy slash. Disappears for 4s just like with W and cuts through enemies instantly killing them. (Tricky to use) 

Shroud Pilot..jpg

OIP (1).jpg

Shroud machine..jpg

Edited by demolisher
Changed his species.
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