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Let's get Diggin'!

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New Machine concept: Tunneler
Description: A transporter that can deliver the bomb faster by going underground.
Pilot's appearance: He would be a happy and healthy miner in overalls.
Machine's appearance: It would be a drill tank like these, but with two smaller drills on each side of the main drill.
Lore: Roger Rocksmith used to be a Maximatics employee helping to create new tunnels for new roads and to search for rare minerals.
When Maximatics betrayed all their employees Roger took action and killed the head boss with his newly built drill tank and escaped to freedom. Now he fights in the arena creating tunnels to transport the bomb to the goal!
Passive: Rock Head. When damage is done to Tunneler it is reduced by 25%.
Q: Drill rocket. Tunneler shoots his drill like a rocket at enemies dealing damage.
W: Rock toss. Tunneler digs the ground causing rocks to fly at enemies dealing damage.
E: Underground escape. He accelerates by digging through the ground for 6s
R: Buried alive. Tunneler Digs a giant hole which enemies drive over fall into which instantly destroys them.

Tunneler pilot..png

Tunneler machine..jpg


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