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It's party time!

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New Machine Concept: Boombox.
Description: A Support who can heal his allies while also transporting the bomb.
Pilot's appearance: He would be a cyberpunk DJ wearing a mask and a neon trenchcoat.
Machine's appearance: A Scion XB with big subwoofers in the back.
Lore: Dylan Jennesis is one of Metal city's top music artists who loves to party hard every night!
One night while he was searching for inspiration for his new song he came across a flyer for the metal arena which said "Sign ups tonight. Come join or rust in hell!" Dylan happily accepted entered so he can blow everybody away with his beats! But once he entered Stingray was surprised to see someone just like him and the two hit it off!
Passive: Amplify. Allies' health is healed faster than normal.
1st ability: Sound pulse. Boombox shoots a pulse of sound damaging enemies.
2nd ability: Rave wave. Releases colored streams healing allies.
3rd ability: Volume control. Accelerates forward cranking up his music.
Ult: Party time! Heals his allies with a sick beat.


Boombox pilot..jpg

Boombox machine..jpg

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