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New Machine Concept: Agent Surge
Description: A transporter who relies on electricity.
Pilot's appearance: He would be a secret agent dressed in a lightning bolt patterned tux.
Machine's appearance: A Ferrari Enzo with Lightning decals.
Lore: Xander Mcbolt is one of the top ranking members of the Metal City agency who has no real friends and unknown motives.
One day he received an assignment to arrest Stingray who had been stealing tech at the time. Xander accepted and set off to find him and arrest him.
Stingray was cruising along until he noticed the agent pulling up, and quickly floored it to escape but Mcbolt activated his tazer and short circuited his machine.
He told Stingray to hand over the tech but Stingray refused and explained that he didn't steal the tech he just discovered it.
Then he handed the agent over a flyer for the Metal arena, which he agreed on and now he uses his electricity in the arena!
Passive: Supercharge. Surge gives his allies a speed boost for 15s.
1st ability: Lightning tazer. Shoots a powerful blast of electricity out damaging enemies.
2nd ability: Electric sphere. Surrounds himself in a ball of electricity damaging enemies that get to close. 
3rd ability: Ride the lightning! Surge boosts forward leaving a trail of electricity behind him.
Ult: Thunder strike: summons a thunderbolt down from the sky that damages enemies that are near.

Agent Surge pilot..jpg


Agent Surge machine..jpg


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