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Sheldoom the prickly - character 18 suggest

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Lore: Mais um experiência bizarra de zoomorph apareceu em metal city, e esse porco espinho casca grossa promete dar muito trabalho para os desafiantes. 

Classe: Transportador/Sabotador

Vida: 500/550

Passiva: os espinhos de Sheldoom acumulam trazendo 4% de lentidão a cada acerto

Arma 1 (Q) - Spyke: Joga um espinho em linha reta de curta distância causando 40 de dano. (Cooldown 1,5 segundos)

Arma 2 (W) - Endurance: Sua carapaça fica de titânio o protegendo de qualquer dano por 1,2 segundos e em seguida solta um gás venenoso em volta de Sheldoom por 2,5 segundos que causa lentidão por quem passar por ele (Cooldown 10 segundos)

Arma 3 (E) - Vraw: Você se arremessa para frente girando dentro do casco e empurrando qualquer um que estiver a sua frente causando 40 de dano (pá do Rampage nao sofre empurrão) (Cooldown 6,5 segundos)

Ultimate (R) - Toxic fart: Uma nuvem de gases fedorentos começa sair em volta de Sheldoom por 8 segundos causando 10 dps em quem estiver dentro da area (seria o mesmo range da ult da Wildfire mas sem explodir)


Lore: Another bizarre zoomorph experience appeared in metal city, and this thick-skinned hedgehog promises to give the challengers a lot of work.

Class: Transporter / Saboteur

Life: 500/550

Passive: Sheldoom's spines accumulate bringing 4% slowness to each hit

Weapon 1 (Q) - Spyke: Throws a straight spine from low distance for 40 damage. (1.5 seconds cooldown)

Weapon 2 (W) - Endurance: Its shell turns from titanium and protecting from any damage for 1.2 seconds and then release a poisonous gas around Sheldoom for 2.5 seconds which slows down whoever passes through it (Cooldown 10 seconds)

Weapon 3 (E) - Vraw: You throw yourself forward by turning inside the shell and pushing anyone in front of you for 50 damage (Rampage paddle is not pushed) (Cooldown 6.5 seconds)

Ultimate (R) - Toxic fart: A cloud of smelly gas starts to exit around Sheldoom for 8 seconds causing 10 dps on anyone inside the area (it would be the same range as the Wildfire ult but without exploding)

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I think that by lowering your damage and health little more its balanced, your skills to transport and sabotage those who chase you are ok for a transporter. We need another transporter that can drop like Icebringer

His dmg isnt so high to be a interceptor. But of course someone can use him to do the function, like some peoples do with Full Metal Judge (that have more damage then Sheldoom and more mobility on nitro (E))

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