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Idea for next new machine (Transporter)

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So the Robot machines are FMJ, WF, and LM, while the spies are SR, CK, SG, and IB... I would imagine that with this theme, there would be a new machine next season that relates to maximatics... no, is part of it. Looking at the robots, it would make sense for them to make a machine that can disrupt enemies without getting close to them; they are dealing with machines that gain their offensive reach with their q, and require a lot of integrity to fill their ult bar... having mastered making long lasting debuffs, far reaching projectiles (especially the capacity and frequency of bullets), and the ability to pull machines with air and give a monster truck lift, while also being able to accelerate machines while still maintaining a strong grip on the ground or the power to push a heap of metal, it would all add up. So here's my concept with what Maximatics can do. Additionally, they do have a reason to get in HMM: to settle with Rampage, and to redeem themselves from the bad reputation Rampage has given them. They could do this by sharing a pilot and its machine with "humanity" to prove that their project rebirth is not in vain, and this humanity could err, showing that they are not perfect beings, like their organic origins. It would only take one successful project to do it, too.

Obviously, this project would be a natural enemy to Rampage, as well as FMJ, LM and WF (since they were literally duped this season). I think that she could get along with Icebringer, Artificer and Vulture, all with their own reasons. There are many signs that point to her being made to be a tractor outside of the arena.

600 Health, Medium-Heavy Weight, Slightly enhanced acceleration when going forwards (to compensate the weight), good rotation, Medium size, weak reversal

Passive: Wherever she drives, the road cracks. Behind her wake will always be a trail of rubble and distorted land that forcibly rotates machines away from the trail, unless if they use their nitro. It does not deal damage. This trail has a 1 second lifetime. She also is noticeably harder to push or pull while this is active.

Q: This takes 0.75 seconds to activate. During that time, she makes a vacuum from the flanks and front, dealing no damage, but not strong enough for machines to get stuck when at top base speed. This vacuum can absorb shrapnel as well. After the warmup, she fires a 100 damage bullet that does some knockback that travels fast, but slows down over time. It ricochets off walls and machines up to 3 times, and leaves shrapnel each bounce; the shrapnel heals for 100 over 0.5 seconds, specifically for her. It lasts for up to 3 seconds. If this is in almost melee proximity to an enemy and hits, it triples the damage and heals her by 200 over 1 second. 2.25 second cooldown, 0.75 if she successfully hits an enemy at contact range. She does not charge her ultimate from grabbing shrapnel.

W: She immediately disappears from view entirely. She also removes any effects currently on her. Her allies are still able to see her with only an outline of her machine. She will also turn the bomb invisible, but only if she is carrying it. Her passive is no longer active during this ability. If she takes damage, gets collision, or releases the bomb, this immediately turns off; otherwise, it lasts for 4 seconds. 15 second cooldown, immediately after using the weapon. Her ultimate weapon gain is twice as fast in this state.

E: 5 second cooldown. This weapon can take up to 5 seconds to charge before being forcibly activated. She accelerates forward at a strength depending on how long it has been charged. She deals 100 damage to herself and 200 damage to the opponent (while also doing considerable knockback) and comes to a complete stop upon direct collision to an enemy if she charged up the weapon for at least 3 seconds. If she has held it for less than 3 seconds, she can still rotate. You can time this with weapon 1 to make an incredibly fast bouncing bullet.

Ult: The camera stops moving and pans out by two-point-five-fold. The screen now only moves if the machine nears the edge of the screen (by about 75% from the center to the edge). This lasts for 10 seconds, unless if she dies. She can tell if a machine is within vision distance with an overhead marker from her while this is active. Her W's cooldown is halved during this time. Enemies with their ult ready is highlighted in red, and Allies whose ult is ready are highlighted blue.


Ideal Use: She requires a more calculative approach, compared to other machines. Her Q takes time, and needs time to make the most out of. She could use it to heal herself, but the slow pace of it makes it only worth it if she has to sit back without any interferences. Her W lets her dodge the tricky situations where one may need to aim the hook or when she needs time to think from a harasser. Her E allows for strong burst travel, with some push power, but is designed to be reliant for ally cover up when she does it; otherwise, she is almost a sitting duck. Her R allows her to be able to be the operator of the team, but the main thing is that she can focus on making more value out of her weapons, where it would be difficult otherwise.

Offensively, her weapons are made to avoid hectic combat in general and dodge one-trick ponies with ease. Due to her accelerator, she won't be able to blitz through, unlike Black Lotus or Full Metal Judge; she can't steer when it pushes her, and she gets affected by collisions and aoe so easily, despite the stealth. The damage and control pressure from her is minimal to a duo or trio, but careful precision allows her to be able to live through it.

Defensively, she is a stealth hunter that can catch burst damage enemies and happy campers off guard and potentially knock an enemy into the drop zone using either the E or the passive. Even then, she can engage in a team brawl with her Q and passive, and her ultimate can help others make strategic decisions as well. Big area-of-effect machines can make her suffer, as she needs the distance to ready her weapons or engage safely.

To the meta, this would easily make other players have to use the shortcuts to stop her, and (for those that use her) to pay attention to the enemies' actions. It does not harm melee, as it would be easier to use the q at congested places and is tricky to use to potentially stealth kill an enemy (as contact range usually gets her stealth deactivated). She can't chase enemies, unless if the place has enough obstacles to bounce the shots to them. She will also be a good help for those that want to do team play, though driving would be a big focus.

Good track coverage hurts her, as well as chasing. The sect machines, Wildfire, Stargazer, and Killer J come to mind right away. You would have to drive very well to use her, and she is quite slow paced for a transporter. I think she can do rather well in the meta, and would be a fun eye opener for people of all skill ranges.

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