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[Character suggestion] Grim Reaper

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So, I'm fairly new in the Heavy Metal Machines world and my english is kinda rusty, but I'll show my love for this game (that I started playing 6 hours ago) with a character concept: the Grim Reaper.

So, this concept is based around a stealth mechanic, making this character focused on killing certain enemies and making ambushes. It would be an Interceptor and I think the stats would be like this:


Damage: 4/5

CC: 1/5

Health: 2/5

Sustain: 0/5

Mobility: 4/5









[Passive] Shadow cloak.

After 3 seconds using no weapons or without recieving damage, you enter a stealth in which you can be hardly seen. Your weapons are enhanced when used while stealthed and you gain a speed increase of 10%. If you use a weapon or recieve damage while stealthed, your loose the stealth. You cannot be stealthed while carrying the bomb.


[Weapon 1] Dark shot. CD: 2 seconds.

You shoot a shadow bullet straightforward that deals 100 damage to the first enemy machine hit.

Stealthed: you deal 75 aditional damage and the shot perforates enemy machines, dealing 25 less damage for each enemy machine hit.


[Weapon 2] Hail of pain. CD: 9 seconds.

You deal 140 damage around you after 1,25 seconds. Stealth is lost after dealing the damage and not after activating the weapon.

Stealthed: the enemy machines hit recieve 160 aditional damage over 2 seconds and are slowed a 10% while so.


[Weapon 3] Decimation rush. CD: 6 seconds.

You quickly dash in a short straight line ignoring collisions with machines and dealing 40 damage to all enemies you passed trough.

Stealthed: it deals 20 more damage and the cooldown of Decimation rush is refreshed.


[Special Weapon] Death sentence.

You mark an enemy machine to die. That machine recieves 50% more damage from you for 6 seconds.

When you use this weapon, you instantly enter stealth and recieving damage doesn't reveal you until the mark dissapears. If the marked machine dies before the mark expires, you enter stealth instantly.

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