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Name: Sheriff                                      Role: Interceptor

Graphic concept: Imagem relacionadaResultado de imagem para pickup truck bull horns

Something like this, only with bigger horns pointing forward. And more redneck.

(Algo assim, porém com chifres maiores apontando à frente. E mais "caipira".)


Concept: A hybrid damaging and sabotaging interceptor.

(Um interceptador híbrido de dano e sabotagem.)


Lore: A cowboy who had been a long way from home for a long time. Years after leaving his hometown he found out that it had been destroyed by the Red Blight. Completely skeptical about the criminal's redemption and his transformation into the Full Metal Judge, Sheriff swore to take revenge on him and went straight to Metal City to seek him at the arena.

(Um caubói que passou muito tempo longe de casa. Anos depois de ter deixado sua terra natal, descobriu que ela fora destruída pelo Red Blight. Completamente cético a respeito de sua redenção e transformação no Full Metal Judge, Sheriff jurou vingança ao emissário do Secto do Metal e foi a Metal City para buscá-lo na arena.)

Imagem relacionada

HP: 650                           Mobility lvl: 3/6

Passive: The Fastest Gun Around

Sheriff's weapons deal double damage to any enemy that gets hit while they're on the verge of activating a weapon (in other words, if they have triggered a weapon, but it's still in process of activation).

(As armas de Sheriff causam dano dobrado caso atinjam um inimigo que esteja prestes a ativar uma arma (em outras palavras, caso ele já tenha acionado a arma, mas ela ainda esteja em processo de ativação).)


Q: Hand Cannon

Sheriff puts his arm outside of his window holding a big revolver and shoots a bullet forward with medium range and lightning speed, dealing damage to the first enemy hit. There's also a 25% chance to hit a tire, dealing 0,5s of skidding as well. Hand Cannon's cooldown lasts only 1s throughout the first 6 shots. After a 6th shot has been taken, there's a long cooldown for 6 more bullets to be loaded.

(Sheriff estende o braço para fora da janela segurando um grande revólver e dispara uma bala à frente com alcance médio e altíssima velocidade, causando dano ao primeiro inimigo atingido. Um inimigo atingido tem 25% de chance de ter um pneu furado, recebendo 0,5s de derrapagem. O cooldown de Hand Cannon dura apenas 1s nos primeiros 6 disparos. Após o 6º disparo há um longo cooldown para que outras 6 balas sejam carregadas.)

Resultado de imagem para shooting pistol while driving gifResultado de imagem para revolver gif

W: Forced Tow

Sheriff puts his arm outside of his window holding a lasso spinning in the air above him. Keeping the W key pressed down keeps the lasso spinning in the air. It gets shot forward with medium range when the W key gets released. When it reaches it's maximum range, it closes down around every enemy within the lasso's area, bringing them together and enabling Sheriff to pull them by the rope for 2s. The longer the W key remains pressed down before the release, the wider the area of the lasso gets, up to a certain limit, enabling it to grab more enemies at once.

(Sheriff estende o braço para fora da janela girando um laço no ar sobre si. Segurar a tecla W mantém o laço girando no ar. Ele é lançado à frente com alcance médio quando a tecla W é solta. Ao atingir alcance máximo, ele se fecha sobre todos os inimigos dentro de sua área, amarrando-os juntos e permitindo que Sheriff os puxe pela corda por 2s. Quanto mais tempo a tecla W permanece pressionada, maior se torna a área no interior do laço até certo limite, permitindo-o capturar mais inimigos de uma vez.)

Resultado de imagem para lasso cartoon gif

E: Bull Charge

Sheriff rushes forward, dealing damage to every enemy hit by his horns.

(Sheriff salta à frente, causando dano a todo inimigo atingido por seus chifres.)

Resultado de imagem para bull charge gif

R: Shotgun

Sheriff immediately gains 6 charges of Hand Cannon, which changes from a pistol to a shotgun. Up until all 6 of these shots have been taken, they deal double damage, 0,5s of skidding (100% chance) and may hit multiple targets on a a conical area in front of him instead of a straight line. Also, the cooldown between shots gets reduced to 0,5s only between every 2 shots and the charging of the special weapon gets doubled for every hit.

(Sheriff imediatamente ganha 6 cargas de Hand Cannon, que muda de uma pistola para uma escopeta. Até que todos os 6 disparos tenham sido efetuados, cada um deles causa dano dobrado, 0,5s de derrapagem (100% de chance) e pode atingir múltiplos inimigos numa área cônica à sua frente ao invés de uma linha reta. Além disso, o cooldown entre os disparos é reduzido a apenas 0,5s contados somente a cada 2 disparos, e o ganho de carga da arma especial é dobrado para cada acerto.)

Resultado de imagem para shotgun one handed gif

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Pick quote: Sweet home Metal City!

Kill quote: This town ain't big enough for both of us!

Low life quote: I'm dinning lead down here!

Special weapon quote: Say hello to my little friend!

Win quote: Ah, don't you love the smell of smoking guns in the morning?

Lose quote: Carry on, son, carry on...

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I think it would be a lot cooler if you could hold down Q to temporarily aim where the weapon would fire; it is a gunshot straight from him, after all. Looking further, maybe that aim can be his passive? It would work wonderfully with the aimed weapons. Maybe rather than probability, if he shoots down a machine twice in a very short amount of time, they'd get disrupted?

I don't really see much synergy here, all things considered. The W could probably work as an ultimate, but is very similar to Clunker, so it's hard to say that I like that idea. But as an ultimate, tied with the passive, would be a nice idea. Maybe the location that he fires is based on where the mouse is?

The E is a bit of an odd one. It doesn't really mesh with the other concepts... perhaps he gains horns and then charges, and then puts the horns back into the trunk? and then the damage at the sides of the car can deal damage, so he does get something out of his flank oriented build. 

The ult is a bit basic...hence the suggestion above. To make things a little more... idk, spicy? perhaps , as a secondary weapon, he can throw a flashing dynamite at the side of his car, which temporarily blinds the opponent for a few seconds when it hits someone (and with its own aoe)? I could see something like that.

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