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Upgrades ideas and weapon choice

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(General idea from @ColdHands, reworked by me)

1st idea: Two Build Focuses

All cars could follow two focuses of build (and a third that would be the mixture of the two), taking as an example the beta of the game, where we had Wildfire that could both focus on causing more damage, and on causing sabotage (debuffs/crowd control). As a current example, Photon could have upgrades focused on healing and speed.

2nd idea: Binary Tree Upgrades (or "Upgrade Upgrade")

In addition to the first idea, the cars would have a binary tree system of skill, the first 2 weapons would have 4 initial upgrades and depending on the players' choice, these upgrades would allow access to 2 upgrades each that could improve the effects of the first upgrade or add extra effects. For the third skill I am still in doubt if it would also have this or if it would only be 4 upgrades, because for some cars it's just a simple boost of speed, but for some of the others it is a standard skill. The ultimate would have only two upgrades (you can only select 1 of them).

3rd idea: Builds Garage

In addition to the two previous ideas, each car would have two automatic builds that we could choose (to help beginners and bots). If you bought the machine, you could create your own automatic builds or leave them in manual mode so you can change in the middle of the game (it would be another bonus for those who bought the machine).


And now an idea of mine, which concern weapons.

Basically you would be able to choose weapons individually, for every character, to add even more strategy. The example I always use is with Stingray. He used to have a laser as his 1st weapon and "Double Kienzan" as his special weapon (which was 2 huge discs, the same as his current 1st weapon). So the idea would be to allow players to customize their car furthermore by choosing which weapon loadout they want to use. Of course, depending on the weapon, the values would change, to keep it balanced.

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i liked to much these two method, we could gett thoses ideias and put in one method: binary tree with two builds.  I hope HOPLON bring upgrade soon, we need some changes to have fun back again playing heavy metal machines!

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