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Customs ideas

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(General idea from @Birikita, reworked by me with some additions and updates as it was an old one)

When you click on "Custom Match", two options would show up:

  • Create Custom Match
  • Browse Custom Matches

Create Custom Match

When you click on "Create Custom Match", the following parameters would be available to the player:

  • Which Arena you want to play on (would still be able to switch with other ones in custom lobby, as it is right now)
    • Also the ability to choose which theme for the map you want to play on (Season 4 map with the military theme, Season 5 with the beach theme, etc...) (IDEA BY GRILLE'D PAIN)
    • And also a checkbox that asks you if you want the map to be random, along with random map theme (IDEA BY GRILLE'D PAIN)
  • Choose the name of your Custom (good for public ones)
  • Allow spectators or not
  • Type of Custom:
    • Open Custom (Public)
    • Only friends
    • Closed Custom (Private)
  • If it is a Closed Custom -> Create a Code (either default or allow the creator to make his own)
  • Choose the server it will take place on
  • Other things to customize your custom match with gameplay elements like:
    • Draft
    • Bans
    • Goals required to end the match (IDEA BY GRILLE'D PAIN)
    • Overtime, and possibility to adjust the timer (IDEA BY GRILLE'D PAIN)
    • Possibility to pick the same car multiple times in the same team
    • All random (IDEA BY GRILLE'D PAIN)
    • Adjust recharge rate of special weapons (IDEA BY GRILLE'D PAIN)
    • Choose your position on the grid
    • Bomb damage
    • Garage
    • Bots
    • Possibility to start the game on other forms than 4v4

Browse Custom Matches

When you click on "Browse Custom Matches", open a list of all current Custom Matches. (You could use the Spectator screen as a base for this new feature.) The list would show:

  • Name of the Custom/Arena/Type of the Custom (Open Custom/Only Friends/Closed Custom)/Server/Other parameters (this would show symbols that would tell what extra parameters have been enabled or not)

Add filtering options.
About the symbols, there could be a legend to explain each one of them. (There could be a simple explanation for each symbol and one "?" to put the cursor over and display a complete explanation for each customization.)

Spectator Menu

With this rework of Customs, you could have both spectators from the Custom lobby and also people joining from this menu.

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21 hours ago, death said:

Possibility to pick the same car multiple times in the same team

This is the only bit of this amazing idea that I disaprove. The rest of it, in my humble opinion, is on point!

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