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Patch Notes beta. 14/12/2017

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Bugs fixed

  • Fixed bugs in this version:

    • Camera got out of the character after the respawn in Temple of Sacrifice

    • Machine’s model got stuck in the scenario after being destroyed

    • Friend’s list shortcut doesn’t open after completing the tutorial

    • Metal Herald’s Weapon 2 doesn’t hit players at medium or high speed

    • News window doesn’t open for some players

    • Chat group tab remains opened even after the player’s exiting

    • Randomly the players respawn at the place where they were destroyed and then are teleported directly to the base

    • Spectator got the same treatment on the pause chat given to regular players

    • Game would randomly not generate the arena’s foliage

    • Reduced the tooltip’s activation area in the pilot’s role inside the store

    • Game would randomly close when utilizing the Alt+Enter command

    • Game would randomly close upon accepting a match

    • Game would randomly close upon entering a match

    • Game would randomly close upon finishing a match

    • Game would randomly close while loading a match

    • Game would randomly close during the splash screen

    • Game would randomly close when the player changed the client between monitors

    • Game would randomly close upon changing the Full-Screen mode for the Windowed Mode, and vice-versa.

    • The social media tooltip was overlaying other buttons from the lower menu

    • Group feedback would randomly get stuck on the screen

    • Black Lotus’ card appears for a second before loading the correct character that the player has chosen

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