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Patch Notes beta. - 07/12/2017

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Unity 5



HMM’s game engine was changed to Unity 5.

  • In-game impacts - Improvements from a technical point of view

    • Rewrote the way the textures are loaded and used in-game

      • Performance and stability gain

    • Rewrote part of the loading system

      • Loading time performance gain

    • Improvements in the video memory and RAM memory usage

    • Lots of improvements in the internal flow of development

  • In-game impacts - Improvements from the user’s point of view

    • Improvements in the client’s stability, resulting in fewer memory problems and crashes.

    • Performance gain in low-performance machines

    • Arena Lighting

      • Improvements in the arenas’ illumination





  • 32 bits system incompatibility

    • Now the game is compiling in 64 bits, and is no longer supporting the 32 bits operating system format

    • 32 bits representativity in the player’s database

      • Only 2.69% of players who have played at least one match in the past 90 days used the 32 bits system

      • Improvements required to play Heavy Metal Machines again

        • Install a 64 bits operating system

  • Known bugs

    • Small visual elements problems in machines with AMD video card, but nothing that can ruin the player’s experience.

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