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Patch Notes beta. - 30/11/2017

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“Metallophobia” event

  • All the Halloween contents have been removed

    • Halloween special skins from the in-game store

    • Main menu background art

    • Loading screen art

    • Halloween special bomb 3D art


Bugs fixed

  • Fixed bugs in this version:

    • Bomb passes through the blockers in some cases

    • Players don’t get Fame rewards in some cases

    • Difficulties in collecting pick-ups with Full Metal Judge

    • Bomb gets stuck between blockers at Temple of Sacrifice

    • Bomb gets stuck on unreachable spots at Metal God Arena

    • Tutorial unavailable in some cases

    • Pilots cannot be picked in some cases

    • Team tags flipped in the Champions Monument at Temple of Sacrifice

    • Controllers preference doesn’t save when the player reconnects

    • Friends list doesn’t appear in some cases

    • Troubles in the code creation for Custom Matches

    • Custom Matches codes with “I” (vertical bar) caused endless loading

    • Endless loading when a player joins a Custom Match at the same time the leader starts the match

    • Restore default audio settings doesn’t restore the voice chat and announcer settings

    • Last used skin automatically picked when the time runs out at the pick screen

    • Standard skin picked even if the player chooses another specific skin in some cases

    • Enemy Clunker’s weapon 1 becomes blue when used

    • Player gets stuck in endless loading when joining a Custom Match in some cases


New Brazilian caster - Detonator, the “Filhinho do Deus Metal”

  • A new caster option has been added to the game

    • Caster Detonator (PT-BR)

    • Places where you can change casters:

      • Character’s pick screen

      • Audio settings in the main menu

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