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Patch Notes beta. 16/11/2017

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  • Leaderboard, Game Guide, and Teams’ page

    • Now, these screens open directly in-game.


  • Game Guide

    • Updated with more details about each character


Champions Monument

  • Two Heavy Metal Machines champions totems have been added to the entrance of the two arenas.

    • Monument:

      • European Championship: KVASDOPIL

      • South American Championship: Zony Gaming


Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bugs in this version:

    • Little Monster’s inconsistent interaction of jumping with the bomb through blockers

    • Bomb getting stuck outside of the arena in some occasions

    • Excessive bomb weight in some circumstances

    • Replay was not focusing the bomb

    • Group invite was not being sent

    • Player respawning on the enemy’s base at the Temple of Sacrifice

    • Player was not able to join a Custom Match in some occasions

    • BOTs that were not focusing on their goal

    • Other 27 smaller issues have also been fixed


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