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Patch Notes beta. - 09/10/2017

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  • Visual enhancements on match start’s system

  • Animation enhancements on main menu use

  • Visual enhancements on region select screen


Play Again - Automatch

  • A new button has been added to the post-match screen

    • “Play Again” button

      • Leave the players on the main screen and on the queue automatically

      • The button doesn’t appear for players in a group

      • The button doesn’t appear on Custom Match

Spectator Mode

  • The Spectator Mode has been included for Custom Matches

    • Allowing spectators

      • Before creating a Custom Match, the leader can enable or disable the spectator mode by using a checkbox

    • How to enter as spectator

      • Inside the Custom Match lobby, the leader can move any player, himself included, to the spectator position

      • The maximum of players in Spectator Mode is two.

    • Rules

      • Players in Spectator Mode don’t earn any Fame or XP

    • Controls and action

      • 1-8 buttons: each button focus in one of the 8 players of the match

      • Spacebar: focus on the bomb

      • Left Ctrl: activate the “Free Camera” mode

        • With the left Ctrl: players can use the mouse to move the camera in any direction, speeding up the process the farthest it is away from the center of the screen

    • By clicking on the minimap, the spectator can move the camera quickly, crossing crossing the entire map immediately

    • Automatic Camera

      • If the spectator doesn’t control the camera, it will follow the bomb as default

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Hey, a manutenção era pra acabar ontem? Por que eu to tentando abrir hoje e ainda ta indisponível, como se estivesse em manutenção..

Opa, atualizou de novo, agora ta funcionando, mal aí.


Edited by LGlevi

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