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Guest Harkness

Patch Notes beta.0.427 - 10/08/2017

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Guest Harkness



About this Update

  • This update is a lil bit smaller than the others, and sooner! It comes with a few important adjustments the Community has been requesting and we are back with the Leaderboard's fourth Season - reviewed and featuring the rounds won category for now. We're still collecting feedback on the new arena and balancing, so keep it coming! We also have an adjustment made regarding the servers that is fully explained below.


Merging of European and North American Servers

  • The North American and European servers have been merged, both now are located in Amsterdam and share a queue.
    • We are always striving to make our players' experience better. After the feedback of our Community, and the game being in early access, we've opted to merge the North American and European servers starting on 10/08. This will benefit the European community with new players, and a North Americans will see an even bigger improvement, the queue times should go from 10 minutes to 2.
      It's important to note that our North American players had a match find rate of less than 25%, this number should go up to more than 70% now.
      Being fully transparent, we are aware that some NA players can face lag due to the change. We are always open on our support page and communities for your feedback so we can take appropriate measures if the problem is significant. We thank you for your support and trust in us.


Daily Rewards

  • Upon logging in to the game for 7 consecutive days, you can get 6 boosters and 850 of Fame for free!
    • 1 Day XP Booster on the 1st day.
    • 1 Day Fame Booster on the 2nd day.
    • 150 Fame on the 3rd day.
    • 1 Day XP Booster on the 4th day.
    • 300 Fame on the 5th day.
    • 1 Day Fame booster on the 6th day.
    • 1 Day Fame & XP Booster and 500 Fame on the 7th day.



  • Killer J price has been reduced from 15.000 to 10.000 Fame.




  • Nitro now starts on cooldown.
  • The velocity bonus for hitting the green space has been adjusted - it now should be more noticeable the difference between hitting it or not.
    • The initial push forward has been reduced.
    • The gained acceleration has been increased.

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