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Guest Harkness

Patch Notes beta.0.391 - 12/07/2017

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Guest Harkness



About this Patch

  • We're always trying to deliver the best gaming experience to you guys - our players. Your Feedback is extremely important to us; we believe that together we can build a truly competitive game. We know that the bomb changes altered significantly the way HMM is played, and we didn't get everything right at first. Nor will we always ;) Since then we've been listening to several issues you've been raising - and took a few steps to remedy that in the last patch. But not everything was addressed. We're very very close to the beginning of the Championship, but we believe that the changes we are bringing in this Patch are beneficial to the game and are aligned with what the Community has been requesting. That's why we chose to release this now, before the Championship. It's an attempt to respond to the Feeback that we receive. We hope that you enjoy the changes, and as always, keep on commenting and giving us suggestions! Only then can we deliver the best competitive experience.



  • Emergencies happen, we know. With the Championship approaching, and this being a feature already requested by the Community, we're introducing Pausing in the game!
  • How to Pause:
    • Any player can press F8 to pause the game. In normal matches, players can pause once every 3 minutes, and in Custom Lobbies, once every 2 minutes.
    • In normal matches, there will be a countdown of 3 seconds for both Pausing and Unpausing so everyone knows what's going on. On Custom Lobbies, pausing is instantaneous, but there'll be the countdown for unpausing.
    • If there are any players disconnected from the match, their allies can pause anytime they want. The opposing team has to wait at least 30 seconds after a pause to unpause.
  • While Paused:
    • You can view the TAB Screen.
    • Open and change game options.
    • Write on chat.
    • Unpause.



  • Some players from the Community have said to us that the new Nitro would make more sense if it was always on - holding E all the time. They also felt that the old quick speed burst of the old Nitro was missing, since it made advanced players possible. So we've made the following changes:
  • Engine acceleration - speed bonus:
    • The endless nitro, activated by holding E, has now become automatic. It has been translated into an Engine acceleration concept.
    • Machines take 5 seconds to reach maximum speed bonus.
    • If you turn too sharply, the speed bonus is lost - this way we also bring back some of the feelings from racing games, if you pilot correctly, you'll run faster.
    • The speed bonus is diminished if you're carrying the bomb.
  • The Nitro:
    • The Machine goes forward with a burst of speed.
    • Has 15 seconds of cooldown.



Out of Combat Repairs

  • This is another point that has been heavily commented on by the Community. We understand that this has made defense harder, and so we've tweaked how it works a little bit:
    • Machines now need to spend 10 seconds out of combat to begin repairs (up from 5).
    • The time spent repairing has been reduced from 15 to 5 seconds to reach full health.
    • With this change, the timing you have to deal damage to carriers and stop their regen has been doubled. At the same time, we've made it quicker for interceptors to run away from combat, regen to full health and come back to intercepting! Making it harder to carry.


  • We know that the droppers have lost a bit of their impact because of the bomb now being a physical object and following Newton's laws of motion. We believe that this change brings back their efficiency in the defense.
    • Some have changed positions.
    • New droppers have been added.
    • Now there's a continuous line of droppers, so even if the bomb goes forward after being lost, it'll be much harder for the attacking team to retrieve the bomb right after losing it on a dropper - because it'll still be on top of the droppers' area.
    • A new one has been added right before the delivery point, this opens up a new defending position. If the attacking team comes running with the bomb, they'll lose it - making it possible for a quick Defensor to grab it before it crosses the line.


  • Advantage - Swift Thrusters:
    • The advantage now applies to the acceleration/engine speed.

Black Lotus

  • Advantage - Perpetual Motion:
    • The advantage now applies to the acceleration/engine speed.


General Improvements

  • Minor improvements to the Nitro visual effect.
  • Minor improvements to the visual effect of when someone loses the bomb to a dropper.
  • Logo before and after the replay changed.
  • Updated the visuals on the banners of teams.
  • The character selection screen has been greatly improved - clarity enhanced.
  • New names for Skins categories:
    • "Bronze" model is now "Idol"
    • "Silver" model is now "Rockstar".
    • "Gold" model is now "Metal Legend".

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