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What is a deserter? Well, a deserter is a "temporary ban" of your account which doesn't allow you to enter in any game if you have it. I would like to mention that you can get a deserter only if you don't accept/refuse a game. Why I want to talk about deserter tho? Because once you get a deserter you don't quite know how much time you have it unless you press play and try to get into a game, but as I mentioned, it doesn't allow you. So what do I want? Well, what do I want is that to not be able to press play when I have a deserter and instead of showing me the play button, to show me the time of the deserter left ( ex: Deserter 4:53 and it going down to 0 which will change the deserter time shown to the play button, being able to start playing ). I want to mention that it was just an example ( the one with deserter instead of play button ), you could also only show in a corner the time of the deserter left or any way, just to know how much time i have deserter.

All the regards, SeziBland

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