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Hey everyone, I've been playing HMM for a while and I reached a point where I can say that I am good at this game, so since I discovered that I've been looking for a tournament to see how it's going but unfortunately I couldn't find anything like that, so here it comes my question. Is there gonna be a competitive scene ( esport scene / pro scene ) in beta? Or it is gonna start only after the game is gonna be fully released? Also if there are some good guys that believe can play in a team and make synergy, I'm willing to create a team where we're gonna play together and have everyday scheduled training and stuffs like that. PS: I'm taking it serious and I'm looking forward for you to do the same.

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Guest Harkness

Hey Sezi - glad to hear you are enjoying your time with HMM and are ready to form a team.

We do are considering tournament efforts, but don't have a definite yes yet for during the beta, after the beta, that is for sure! We will also be unveiling some competitive team Leaderboards in the future (during the beta).

We totally envision HMM being an e-Sports game, and are working to make it so :)

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