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Guest Harkness

Patch Notes beta.0.296 - 22/05/2017

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Guest Harkness


New Shiny Things:

  • If a player disconnects from a match or goes afk, an AI controller bot will replace them - which means not more cars standing still at the base doing nothing! This was a heavily requested feature by the Community, and we're happy to have implemented it!
  • Both the voice and the text chat should now be visible and usable during the pick screen, as well as during the statue scenes - its layout was slightly adjusted to better accommodate the chat. You'll also be able to talk to people after the end of the match - some screens also had their layouts slightly adjusted for it! This is another feature that was requested by the Community, so do keep your feedback coming!


Fame Bug:

  • We have also fixed the Fame issue in this version, now everyone who levels up in a match should get their deserved and hard won fame - we are now getting ready and writing the code to give everyone who missed a Fame gain everything that they are due. You won't need to do anything about it, it will show up in your account soon ;)

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