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The Metal League has arrived!

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Heavy Metal Machines received the competitive feature. It will allow you all to participate in this freakin’ amazing tournament -- every season!

If you haven’t heard yet
The Metal League‘s an in-game event that creates a tournament based on the teams’ score ranking, with a prize pool of €5.000,00 (five thousand euros) besides items in the game. Hurry and team-up, the first round of the qualifiers start this Saturday (March 9) 2 pm GMT 0.

Well, and how will this work?
This system will work side by side with the Teams feature that’s already in the game. Only subscribed teams will be able to take part. Just in case, if don’t have a squad yet, invite your friends to play or get in our Discord and create yours.

The tournaments in this new feature will be disputed in two phases: qualifiers and playoffs. To get in the playoffs’ stage, the teams will need to score during the qualifiers.

With this feature, the game will get a new exclusive queue that will be available only on Saturdays at specific hours. In other words, get a space on your schedule to play on Saturdays, okay?

The Metal League will follow the Metal Pass’ seasons, and the matches will be disputed on specific regions. The first season will roll out only in Europe, and on May the tournaments will also take place on the United States and Brazil servers. But relax, even in specific regions, everyone is INVITED to take part.

And how will the Qualifiers Phase work?
This phase will happen on Saturdays, more specifically, this Saturday 9th, from 14h to 20h GMT 0. In this first season, there will only be 6 qualifiers steps, and the 8 teams that achieve the highest score will automatically be in the Playoffs Phase of the tournament.

And what about the Playoffs Phase, what the heck is that?
This is the final phase of the Metal League, where the 8 best teams from the classifiers will fight for the prize money. Guess what? ESL Play will join us in this first edition!
If you’ve seen the European and South American Championships from 2017, the format will be similar to them. There won’t be any queues, and the teams from the brackets will fight in custom matches. Here, the winners will be decided in best of three matches, with single eliminations.

But and the prize?
The total prize is €5.000,00, shared between the 4 best teams from the brackets, like this:

  • 1st place – €2.000,00
  • 2nd place – €1.500,00
  • 3rd place – €1.000,00
  • 4th place – €500,00

Just a reminder, the prize value is split between team members. Ok? 

So, if you don’t have a team yet, get together with your friends, invite everyone and create groups to play. Get to our Discord channel. I guarantee that with this new feature there’ll be a lot of players looking for teams too.

Let’s get to training? We’ll see you in the arena!

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