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Guest Harkness

Patch Notes beta.0.262 - 05/05/2017

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Guest Harkness


New Shiny Things:

  • We made some minor adjustments to the Golden (Veteran) Skins!
  • We made some minor adjustments to the Tutorial - some players were having issues playing the videos. Besides that, some improvements have also been made to the windows.
  • We changed some fonts and colors of in-game chat, this should make it better looking.
  • We improved the visibility of the Voice Chat! It comes complete with a new visual, new sound effects and an alert on the text chat, this way everyone knows they can speak to people! ;)


Performance Improvements:

  • This HMM update continues focusing on improving the game's performance. This time, besides attacking the RAM consumption we have also made great improvements to the average FPS. On low end (closer to the minimum requirements) machines, we have improved the average FPS from 20 to 35!


Known Bug:

  • We're aware of a bug that can cause a player to, randomly, not gain FAME when leveling up after a match. We know how frustrating the experience is when this happens and are working hard to fix this particular issue, however, it wasn't possible to do so in this update. We will keep working on this issue so we can resolve it as soon as possible - and as soon as we do, we will give everyone who missed a Fame gain everything that they are due. Please rest assured that you will receive all the Fame that you deserve directly in your accounts when we fix this, and no action on your part will be required so that happens.

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