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Hi, I just started playing this game and I think you have created something really great but I already have some suggestions:

1. The Photon is too strong atm, if u get a good start there is no way any other charakter can reach the ball first and the amount of heal is extremly high

2. The animations at the start of the game and between the goals are really long and kinda annoying

3. It would be really nice to see all the upgrades for the skills in the main menu, so u dont have to read them while playing (i know they are all listed on the website, but it would be nice to see them ingame too) also the general stats of the vehicles like the starting hp and maby exact nummbers for the skills(damage and heal amount)

4. Save the skins selected from the last game, so u wont forget to choose the one u like

5. A way to play 4v4 against my friends would be appreciated

Some buggs:

1. I encountered a bug where I was not able to pick a champion when the game started. I was stuck in the "found match" scren for 1 minute and then jumped into the game with a random champ

2. It took the first minute of the game until I recieved the 500 start metal

3. Im pretty sure the stats in the profile section arent right (im sure im not doing like 24000 damage on average)

4. Sometimes the steam profile picture is displayed 3 times in small

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