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[Event] The Year of the Pig

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Heavy Metal Machines has one more event going on! This time, to celebrate the Chinese New Year, this will be the year of the pig, we'll distribute themed Sprays to everyone who completes this easy event.


In the event "The Year of the Pig", we'll reward everyone who achieves 15 victories on casual matches in HMM! Easy peasy! To achieve it, of course, will be easier if you are on a team. Wanna find your team to take part in this and in other events? Just follow this link and reach people in our Discord:


The event starts on 06/02/2019 and goes on until 19/02/2019. The Sprays will be delivered only on February 20th, ok?


Now, let's check the basic rules:

  • Only matches on Casual mode will count. The custom match won't count this time.
  • The victory needs to happen, in other words, you need to play 'till the end of the match and win it.
  • It doesn't matter if you're in a group or not, only the victory matters.
  • Only matches inside this period will count.
  • To compute the victory, the player cannot be AFK, and if this happens, the match won't count! ?


Let's play and win these battles, let's celebrate The Year of the Pig!


See you in the arena!

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