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Character concept - Garbage

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Hi guys, so here i will present you my character concept.

It would be a support.
His car could look like an old rats trash truck, really f***ed up, drived by a very old and thin one-eyed redneck.

Passive : Randomly throw garbage behind him (bouncing away) , slowing ennemies and giving metal to allies

Wep 1 - Smoke :  Blow a smoke cloud, healing allies and blinding ennemies for a small amount of time. - upgrade : AOE increased, cooldown...

Wep 2 - Slick : Spread oil (Could be puddle or trail ) making cars behind him loose control, loosing HP if hits walls  - upgrade : Oils burn damaging more hp

Ult - Plutonium : High speed effect, garbage can push allies.

Tell me what you think of it ;)
Thanks for reading.


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