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The A in these suggestions have turned into %... someone, get cracking

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HMM Ch%r%cter
750 he%lth, He%vy, L%rge P%ssive: Whenever he drives forth %t h%lf his top speed or f%ster, the ro%d gets ruptured for 3 seconds, which d%m%ges m%chines by 25 d%m%ge per second. It %lso slows down he%vy m%chines %nd c%uses sm%ll m%chines to h%ve trouble steering. This very tr%il effect c%n occur with his other we%pons. He is immune to the tr%il effect he m%kes, %s he is slowed by h%lf his top speed %nyw%y, while his top speed is double of % regul%r m%chine, m%king him the s%me speed %s %nyone else in gener%l. He does not t%ke d%m%ge from this 
p%ssive %bility, %nd th%t goes to %ll tr%il effects. This effect is m%de from the wheel design, completely met%llic, with lots of odd bumps on it th%t c%use the ground to cr%ck %s he drives over. We%pon 1: Fires two c%nnonb%lls %t the sides, h%ving strong knockb%ck %nd de%ling 120 d%m%ge e%ch. The c%nnonb%lls %re rolled on the ground, r%v%ging the l%nd %s it goes. 3.25 second cooldown. We%pon 2: C%n be toggled on or off %t %ny time, like FMJʼs W. Tr%nsforms the front %nd b%ck of the m%chine into % slope, where m%chines c%n p%ss over him, g%ining speed. If % m%chine uses % tr%il effect on top of him, he receives effects from it. He t%kes 50% less d%m%ge in this st%te. He 
will be immune to projectile d%m%ge from the front %nd b%ck. T%kes 0.75 seconds to tr%nsition through these st%tuses. The m%chine moves 60% slower in this ph%se. We%pon 3: Ch%rge method simil%r to R%mp%ge, though without the %bility to r%m enemies into w%lls or %ny recoil effects. C%n go through enemies with W %ctive. 6.25 second cooldown. If the W is not %ctive, Cobbler de%ls d%m%ge to %ny th%t gets hit by it. Ultim%te: Summons two m%chines %t the sides of the Cobbler. These summons %re immune to tr%il effects %nd fire l%rge c%nnonb%lls overhe%d, which l%nd %nd de%l 200 d%m%ge on imp%ct with high knockb%ck, %nd cr%ck the ground over % l%rge 
%re%. These will never st%y too f%r from the m%chine, %nd h%ve 350 he%lth; they l%st until de%th, which gives potenti%l for st%cking. C%nnot be he%led or gr%nted %rmor to. Bonus effect of ultim%te: the mini m%chines c%use the b%ckground music to ch%nge into % set of instruments pl%ying % song. The more mini m%chines st%cked, the more complete the song becomes, h%ving e%ch m%chine pl%y % cert%in instrument.
The Oper%tor
700 He%lth, Little Monster sized but circul%r, Lightweight. Tr%nsporter. P%ssive: He%vily subject to t%king knockb%ck, even from 
%tt%cks th%t donʼt inflict it. (So things like the devilʼs hook %nd %rtificerʼs bolt would push him %round, %nd stingr%yʼs power w%ve would be the equiv%lent of % bull rush. The bomb is c%rried below the m%chine th%n behind it; so going into the go%l %t high speeds is gu%r%nteed consistent. Also, the m%chine c%nt even touch the bomb; will just go through it. The m%chine is h%rder to push off the bound%ries, however. The m%chineʼs rounded structure m%kes him immune to forced spinning %nd %fter d%m%ge effects. We%pon 1: Throws out % cylindric%l bouncer in front of the m%chine. This speci%l bouncer either reflects projectiles off of it, or even 
m%chines (includes %llies, but only enemies t%ke 100 d%m%ge for bouncing off of it. Its lifesp%n is for 2 seconds. 4 second cooldown. We%pon 2: Fires %n %rtillery c%nnon overhe%d th%t de%ls 140 d%m%ge over % circul%r %re% %t the crossh%irʼs direction. Any tr%il effects %re removed in this %re%. 7 second cooldown. We%pon 3: D%sh. If they m%ke cont%ct with %n enemy or get pushed %w%y by % knockb%ck we%pon, they become invincible for 1 second, bounce off from it, %nd de%l 100 d%m%ge to % m%chine if they collided into it. Ultim%te: Activ%tes bouncers %t its sides for 10 seconds. During this ph%se, the m%chine c%nnot p%ss through the bound%ries, but will 
bounce off from it %nd enemy m%chines or knockb%ck %ffecting projectiles th%t hits it by % lot. C%nnot t%ke d%m%ge, %side from sm%ll openings between the bouncers (itʼs % circul%r sh%pe %round the m%chine, but segmented into 4 p%rts; there is % sm%ll opening between them) or shield ignor%nt %tt%cks. Any m%chines hit t%ke 75 d%m%ge, but donʼt get knocked %w%y.
525 He%lth, Lightweight. Sm%ll Size. Interceptor. P%ssive: Invisible unless %t ne%r melee r%nge to %ny enemy. Visibility %re%s %re 
shown with circles %round enemy m%chines. Combo: After using % we%pon, the pl%yer c%n choose to strike %g%in with %nother we%pon, h%ving gre%ter effect, the gre%ter the combo, %t the price of the cooldown of the we%pon st%cking. The combo effect we%rs off if they either miss 2 times in % row or donʼt continue the combo. When the combo is %ctive, the m%chine t%kes 20% less d%m%ge. We%pon 1: De%l 100 d%m%ge in front of you. Combo (del%y of 0.4 seconds of e%ch %tt%ck): +15 d%m%ge e%ch consecutive hit, %nd slight knockb%ck. Cooldown: +0.6 seconds for e%ch swing of the combo. We%pon 2: Uppercuts the enemy in front of them, 
de%ling 70 d%m%ge while %lso stopping their movement for 0.6 seconds, %nd %lso j%mming their we%pon 2. Combo: If used %fter %n uppercut or %fter we%pon 1, de%ls 200 d%m%ge inste%d with % 0.5 second del%y before the %tt%ck, %nd knocks them b%ck. +1.75 second cooldown for e%ch swing during the combo. We%pon 3: D%sh forw%rd by % lot, length % little bit more th%n the di%meter of the close comb%t r%nge of the m%chine (where the m%chine is visible). De%ls 50 d%m%ge for gr%zing enemies or 140 d%m%ge for directly m%king front%l cont%ct to %n enemy, %nd incre%ses or j%ms their We%pon 3 for 1.25 seconds. 9 second cooldown. Loses %ny %cceler%tion %fter the d%sh, in 
pen%nce for the long dist%nce. Does not go through w%lls; just stops the m%chine %t where it hits the w%ll. Combo: If the m%chine h%s swung %t le%st two times, %nd if the combo h%s not been broken yet, this drops the bomb inste%d when it hits %n enemy; the m%chine is teleported to the opposite direction of the m%chineʼs movement (not the opposite side of the m%chine), %nd f%ces to the m%chine to %tt%ck it some more. If the m%chine kills %n enemy, the cooldown is reduced to 0, but if they dont use it %g%in, the cooldown ch%nges to 6 seconds. Ultim%te: (This ultim%te ch%rges for 50 seconds; de%ling d%m%ge does not %dd up to the ch%rge.) For 5 
seconds, the m%chine %ccumul%tes energy from the %mount of times you hit %n enemy. The pl%yer then h%s 5 seconds to %ctiv%te the %bility %g%in to throw % single hit projectile th%t de%ls 100 times the %mount of combos th%t the pilot m%n%ged to hit in the prior 5 seconds

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