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Found 1 result

  1. What’s up, Metal Heads! Let’s talk about the future? Tomorrow we’re gonna have a brand new update. For the new players, we’re bringing the Instructor feature online. It will help them to know better what to do in a Heavy Metal Machines match and how they can play better. This will be an able/disable feature. For next week (17.04), we’re gonna have another major update with some long-awaited contents. Yes: Full Metal Judge and Black Lotus are coming back. Better than this: THE NEW ARENA IS ARRIVING. More details about the new arena will be coming during this week, but you guys can already be excited! The next week's update will also bring a big change asked by the community: the Overtime. We collected your feedbacks and we understood that the Overtime isn’t good enough to provide the experience that we want to. So we’re gonna temporarily disable the overtime and bring it back when we find a suitable solution. For those who are asking for Rampage, we have an arrival date: May 2nd! Along with him, our full skin store will be back to mark the return of all our pilots. Keep rockin’!
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