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Found 1 result

  1. New machine concept: Devastator. Description: A Interceptor that can deal very high damage and has melee abilities. Pilot's appearance: A man in a prison jumpsuit who appears to be menacing but is very innocent and sweet. Machine's appearance: A armored pick up truck that looks like it came straight out of Death Race with lots of guns and a plow on the front. Lore: A innocent man who used to run a gym was arrested for a crime he tried to prevent from happening. He escaped with the help of Rampage and Stingray who told him that the cops were wrong and he was just trying to help. He enters the arena to prove his innocence and tell the truth for all to hear! Abilities: Passive: Kind soul. Whenever he saves an ally from being killed he gets healed by 15% and gets a damage buff. Q: Gunshot. Shoots the guns on his machine at enemies dealing low damage and causing skid. W: Gas tank. He grabs a tank of gas and throws it at enemies exploding and burning them. E: Prison break. Devastator hits the accelerator of his machine which causes him to surge forward ramming enemies with his plow. R: Wreck it Rocket. Shoots a gigantic missile at enemies which explodes among contact dealing high and splash damage.
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