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Found 1 result

  1. Name: Siege Breaker Role: Interceptor Graphic concept: It would be an all-in-1 medieval siege weapon, with a battering ram at the front and a catapult at the back. (Seria uma máquina de certo medieval multifuncional com uma aríete na frente e uma catapulta na traseira.) Concept: An interceptor designed to find a way around enemy defenses. (Um interceptador feito para driblar as defesas inimigas.) Lore: A heretic who denied the authority of the Sect of Metal, preaching that they manipulated masses by telling them fantasy stories about how their "Metal God" saved the world from the apocalypse when truly it had been nothing more than a natural event from which humanity survived though their own efforts. The Metal Herald sent a crusade to arrest him and, after he finally managed it, sentenced him to spend his days at the arena until he decided to change his mind and stop scarring the people of Metal City with his nonsense. (Um herege que negava a autoridade do Secto do Metal, pregando que eles manipulavam massas divulgando histórias fantasiosas sobre como seu "Deus do Metal" salvara o mundo do apocalipse, quando na verdade tudo não havia passado de um evento natural do qual a humanidade sobrevivera com seu próprio suor. O Metal Herald enviou uma cruzada para prendê-lo e, após finalmente conseguir, sentenciou-o a passar seus dias na arena até que ele decidisse mudar de ideia e parar de assustar o povo com suas balbúrdias.) HP: 800 Mobility lvl: 2/6 Passive: Heresy All of Siege Breaker weapons ignore enemy shield. (Todas as armas de Siege Breaker ignoram escudo inimigo.) Q: Ram Siege Breaker's ram projects itself ahead of him with a very short range, dealing damage and abruptly pushing away an enemy it hits. The damage is proportional to the relative speed between Siege Breaker and the target. If Ram hits a wall, it throws rubble at the opposite side of the wall, which spreads on an area proportional to Siege Breaker's speed the moment he hits the wall. The rubble deals damage to enemies, only without the effects of Heresy. (A aríete de Siege Breaker se projeta à frente com alcance muito curto, causando dano e empurrando bruscamente um inimigo atingido. O dano é proporcional à velocidade relativa entre Siege Breaker e o alvo. Caso Ram atinja uma parede, ela atira escombros no lado oposto da mesma, que se espalham numa área proporcional à velocidade de Siege Breaker no momento que ele atinge a parede. Os escombros causam dano a inimigos, porém sem os efeitos de Heresy.) W: The Twins Siege Breaker throws a long ranged spinning sling ahead, which is composed of a pair of spiked metal spheres tied together by a thick rope. The rope doesn't deal damage, but it gets wrapped around the target, making the spheres hit them from the sides. At impact, the spheres stick to the spot for up to 3s, after which time both of them explode, dealing damage on a very small area. 2nd activation: Explodes the spheres immediately. (Siege Breaker dispara uma funda com longo alcance à frente, composta por um par de esferas metálicas espinhadas ligadas por uma corda grossa. A corda não causa dano, mas se enrola ao redor do alvo, fazendo com que as esferas o atinjam pelos lados. No impacto, as esferas grudam no local. Após 3s elas explodem, causando dano numa área muito pequena. 2ª ativação: Detona as esferas imediatamente.) E: Thorn Apart Siege Breaker rushes ahead, leaving a trail of rubbish behind which lasts 2s. The moment an enemy touches the trail, spikes emerge from all of it's lenght, dealing damage to all enemies hit and locking the target on spot for 1s. (Siege Breaker acelera à frente, deixando um rastro de escombros para trás que dura 2s. No momento que um inimigo tocar o rastro, espinhos emergem de toda sua extensão, causando dano a todos os inimigos atingidos e prendendo-os no local por 1s.) R: Catapult Siege Breaker catapults a fire ball on a parabole ahead of him, which explodes on the ground, dealing damage on a medium-small area and leaving the ground burning and dealing continuous damage for 2s (just like Peacemaker's special weapon). The R key may be pressed down for up to 1s to extend the range of the shot. After the 1st shot is taken, Catapult stays available for 6s, which allows Siege Breaker to take successive shots with a 0,5s cooldown. (Siege Breaker dispara de sua catapulta uma bola de fogo em parábola à frente, que explode no chão, causando dano numa área média-pequena e deixando o chão queimando e causando dano contínuo por 2s (como a arma especial do Peacemaker). A tecla R pode permanecer pressionada por até 1s para aumentar o alcance do disparo. Após o 1º disparo, Catapult permanece ativa por 6s, o que permite que Siege Breaker efetue múltiplos disparos com apenas um cooldown de 0,5s entre cada um.) Quotes: Pick quote: In a world of lies, he who holds the truth... Is nobody! Kill quote: Where's your god now? Low life quote: I'm going back to dust... Special weapon quote: Wanna know what hell looks like? Win quote: Your crusade... Lacks faith! Lose quote: There's no justice after all...
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