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Found 3 results

  1. Have been trying to download this game for a few weeks. The Steam store has it listed as EAG but every time I click download it just refreshes the page, both in the app and in web browsers.
  2. Metal Gladiators, Some time ago, we asked you to suggest ideas of how we can make our Steam store page even better. Besides opening a direct channel between users and Hoplon, this contest helped us to understand better the reasons of why you guys download or not a game based on its page. We’ve received some suggestions that didn’t meet the contest requirements, and based on this we had our decision. We’re proud to announce the winners: Undertaker Tsar and SoyerCold! The first suggested an audiovisual material, with a good narrative and very personal, and the second one gave us the idea to use more championship’s content to attract new players to our competitive scenario. Both ideas are equally great, and one of them is already live, with the final results from the championships held this year, European and South American Championship, in our Steam page. Undertaker Tsar e do SoyerCold’s ideas are fantastic exampled that reinforce how each one of you can contribute. Keep participating in our contests, and we’ll see you at the arena!
  3. Hello, Metalheads! We’re always looking forward to improving, and your help can be essential to a new approach for potential players. Starting today until October 6, HMM players can send a suggestion of how should be our new Steam page (design and content) and compete for prizes. The top 3 suggestion will be rewarded with Fame: 1st - 3.500 Fame 2nd and 3rd - 1.750 Fame Don’t forget to give the more details possible to make sure that we’ll understand your idea. Set your imagination free and send screenshots and examples. There’s no limit! It’s important to remember that a single person can send more than one idea, but can only get one of the prizes. We not necessarily will use the winner's idea, but it’s also important for us to understand how our community sees the game’s potential. Send us your idea! Click here to participate: https://goo.gl/forms/0UgAipmLIzSQTH6e2
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