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Found 76 results

  1. New machine concept: Blackout. Description: A transporting interceptor that can deliver the bomb while dealing high damage to enemies. Pilot's appearance: A lovely and seductive bat zoomorph in a sexy black dress with gloves and heeled boots to match. Machine's appearance: Something like this but with bat like features. Lore: Pandora Black is one of the City of Manfall's richest individuals who loves to look her best and woo others who are just as rich as she is. One night during one of her parties She was visited by Metal Herald whom she had a chat with. He expressed interest in her to join the Sect of Metal to teach her the ways of it but she told him she was already familiar with the sect and she'd be glad to help! (Also she said he was very amusing) The deal was done, and now she's in the arena fighting for the sect and looking pretty while doing it! (Sometimes Full Metal Judge acts as her bodyguard) Abilities: Passive: I am the night! Whenever Blackout kills enemies with her Weapons she gets a slight speed boost that lasts for 15s. Q: Shadow orb. Launches a orb of darkness at enemies dealing low damage and can bounce off walls. W: Dark void. A void surrounds her machine protecting her from enemy projectiles. E: The bat takes flight! Two bat wings appear on both sides of Blackout which propel her forward. R: Supernova black hole. Releases a ginormous black hole which sucks in enemies and instantly kills them. (Basically works just like Dirt Devil's Ult except different)
  2. New machine concept: Devastator. Description: A Interceptor that can deal very high damage and has melee abilities. Pilot's appearance: A man in a prison jumpsuit who appears to be menacing but is very innocent and sweet. Machine's appearance: A armored pick up truck that looks like it came straight out of Death Race with lots of guns and a plow on the front. Lore: A innocent man who used to run a gym was arrested for a crime he tried to prevent from happening. He escaped with the help of Rampage and Stingray who told him that the cops were wrong and he was just trying to help. He enters the arena to prove his innocence and tell the truth for all to hear! Abilities: Passive: Kind soul. Whenever he saves an ally from being killed he gets healed by 15% and gets a damage buff. Q: Gunshot. Shoots the guns on his machine at enemies dealing low damage and causing skid. W: Gas tank. He grabs a tank of gas and throws it at enemies exploding and burning them. E: Prison break. Devastator hits the accelerator of his machine which causes him to surge forward ramming enemies with his plow. R: Wreck it Rocket. Shoots a gigantic missile at enemies which explodes among contact dealing high and splash damage.
  3. New machine concept: Hunter. Description: An Interceptor that can sabotage. Pilot's appearance: He'd be a Australian man that wears a hunter's outfit with a helmet plus a jackaroo hat. Machine's appearance: A jeep with a giant sniper rifle coming out of the passenger side. Lore: A hunter who loves to hunt animals for sport. While he was hunting FMJ witnessed what he was doing and tried to assainate him for killing the animals but he escapes to the arena to carry on hunting season. Abilities: Passive: Keen eye. Hunter's weapons never miss due to him being one of the greatest snipers around. Q: Snipe shot. Shoots his rifle at enemies dealing low damage but never missing. W: Net. Tosses out a net that traps enemies but doesn't damage them. E: Deer charge. Accelerates forward ramming enemies with the horns on the front of his machine dealing medium damage. R: Lock on. When activated, Crosshairs appear on an enemy targeting them. 2nd activation: Hunter shoots at the targeted enemy dealing high damage.
  4. New machine concept: Shadow Knight. Description: An interceptor that has impressive armor and reduces damage. Pilot's appearance: He'd be a Knight in shining armor and would carry a sword, shield, and mace. (He'd also speak in a medieval voice with a echo) Machine's appearance: A medieval looking car that would be shaped like a tank and has a helmet modeled canopy. Lore: Sent from an unknown kingdom on the outskirts of Metal City to battle in the arena and learn the secrets of the sect, this knight will prove to his king and queen that he will succeed! He also respects Artificer who helped him build his machine centuries ago and sees the potential in Stingray to become a noble warrior. Abilities: Passive: Forged armor. Made from the Metal kingdom workshops, the armor on his machine reduces damage by 15%. Q: Cannonball. Fires three cannonballs from the three cannons on the front of his machine dealing low damage to enemies. W: Mace swing. Swings his mace at enemies dealing medium damage and pushing them to the sides. E: Ride into battle! SK surges forward pointing his sword and damages nearby enemies. R: Catapult toss. A catapult comes out from the machine's rear and throws a fireball at enemies dealing high damage and burning them.
  5. New machine concept: Splat. Description: An Interceptor that uses different types of paints with effects to dispatch enemies with. Pilot's appearance: A Chameleon zoomorph who's an artist that wears a beret and a dress with paint stains. Machine's appearance: Envision this race car with a paint cannon on the side and three tanks which house paint. Lore: A young artist who resides in the City of Manfall is looking to reveal her latest picture but no one's interested... that is until Icebringer who was delivering some food saw her painting and complemented her skills then he asked "If you're a good artist, can you be a good pilot?" She replied "Sure i am!" and showed him her driving skills. She then followed him to the arena and once she arrived, she reveled her latest piece of art to eveyone! Now she fights in there using her paints to their full use! Abilities: Passive: Refill. Whenever she runs out of paint the tanks begin to refill themselves. (There is a meter that depicts this) Q: Red fire. Shoots out a glop of red paint which turns into fire that deals damage and burns enemies. W: Blue ice. Shoots out a glop of blue paint which turns into ice and freezes enemies but not damaging them. E: Green speed. Splat activates a booster in her machine which causes it to accelerate forward and lay out a trail of green paint which slows enemies. R: All mixed up. The colors in Splat's tanks mix together which releases a stream of rainbow paint consisting of red, blue, and green which deals high damage to enemies.
  6. New machine concept: Knockout. Description: A boxing interceptor that rewards the player with speed after using the ult successfully. Pilot's appearance: He would be a boxer with spiked gloves. Machine's appearance: Take this dune buggy. Now envision it with two arms with gigantic metal boxing gloves. Lore: Metal City's Boxing champion is bored cause he keeps knocking out every opponent with one punch, but after hearing the arena is having sign ups he goes there to join. (And hopefully experience the thrills of a real match) Abilities: Passive: Prize fighter. Rewards the player who's skilled enough when using the ult with a speed and power boost. Q: Slugger. Extends the arms outward and punches the opponents dealing low damage with each hit. (Q key can be held down and only stops after releasing) W: Cross Punch. Performs a cross punch that pushes enemies to the side and deals slightly higher damage than Q. E: Dash straight. Accelerates forward and does a drill punch into enemies dealing medium damage. R: Pulverizing power punch. Charges up and releases a power blow instantly killing enemies. (Tricky to use)
  7. New machine concept: Metal Reaper. Description: An Interceptor that can repair himself after killing enemies. Pilot's appearance: the grim reaper himself but more armored. Machine's appearance: An off road hot rod with a skull on the front. Lore: When the arena gets dark at night, he comes alive! The Metal Reaper strikes again! He was once a ordinary man, but when the apocalypse happened he died in the storm. Upon the afterlife he met two members of the sect of metal, which were the herald and the judge who granted him the power of the sect. Now he uses this power to it's full potential and kills his enemies off one by one! Abilities: Passive: Soul taker: Whenever he reaps an enemy it's soul is sucked in and it heals him by 15%. Q: Tormented souls: Shoots out two spirits which dealing low damage to enemies, and slow them down. W: Tombstone crush: His wheels grow bigger and he runs over enemies crushing them. E: Bone bash. Accelerates forward ramming enemies into walls and dealing medium damage. R: You're time is up!: MR throws his scythe at enemies instantly killing them and healing himself with their souls.
  8. CAR NAME: Dwarf PILOT NAME: Ivar Leifson CLASS: Intercept Descrição do Piloto: Ele seria um homem muito baixo, gordo, com uma barba grande, praticamente um anão. Usaria um macacão com um avental que o protege do calor, sua perna esquerda seria uma protese de madeira e metal. Pilot Description: He would be a very short, fat man with a big beard, practically a dwarf. He would wear overalls with an apron that protects him from the heat, his left leg would be a prosthesis of wood and metal. Descrição da Maquina: Um miniTruck com um forno de forja na carroceria. Teria dois braços de Metal do lado, um em formato de punho fechado e o outro em formato de garra com um ferro de solda preso na palma. Machine Description: A miniTruck with a forge oven in the body. It would have two Metal arms on the side, one in the shape of a closed fist and the other in the shape of a claw with a soldering iron attached to the palm. THEME: LORE Amigo de infancia de Icebringer, era um caçador de monstros no norte até que numa caçada acabou perdendo a perna e tendo que se aposentar (contra sua vontade). Virou um dos maiores ferreiros de Beckby e ele que modificou o caminhão de Icebringer para as arenas. Resolveu ir para Metal City para ajudar Icebringer e ter ação de volta a sua vida nas arenas. Ele meio que se apaixonou pela Wildfire. Icebringer's childhood friend, he was a monster hunter in the north until, on a hunt, he lost his leg and had to retire (against his will). He became one of Beckby's greatest smiths and he who modified Icebringer's truck for the arenas. He decided to go to Metal City to help Icebringer and take action back to his life in the arenas. He kind of fell in love with Wildfire. PASSIVE - Berserker Quando estiver com 50% do seu HP todas as suas habilidas passam a causar o efeito de Burn When you have 50% of your HP, all his abilities start to cause the Burn effect 1st SKILL - Five Fingers Death Punch O braço direito da um soco pra frente causando dano e empurrando inimigos atingidos. The right arm punches forward, dealing damage and push out hit enemies. 2nd SKILL - Death Claw O braço esquerdo segura o inimigo com a garra enquanto causa dano por segundo com a solda. The left arm holds the enemy with the claw while dealing damage per second with the weld. 3rd SKILL - Dwarf Slingshot Os dois braços se prendem no chão e impulsiona o carro pra frente . O impacto das mãos no chão causam dano e um leve empurrão. The two arms cling to the floor and propel the car forward. The impact of the hands on the ground causes damage and a slight push. ULTIMATE - The Art of War Os braços seguram o inimigo que estiver a frente e o arremeça pra cima. Quando ele cai, toma dano e causa dano a qualquer inimigo que estiver na area de impacto. The arms hold the enemy ahead and toss it upwards. When he falls, he takes damage and deals damage to any enemy in the area of impact.
  9. KENJI MADAN - The Geki Warrior. ENGLISH: Lore: "Under what happened yesterday: I ... I remember well when we first met. Knowing is a strong word. When I first saw him. I was running away from Secto do Metal; the streets were tight, or it was the fear affecting my head. I carried pieces, files, papers, everything with me. Everything that was left of my old hiding place. and my car wouldn't pass, besides, when the adrenaline goes up, the logical reasoning goes down. I was there, and in front of me: countless guards, and the Herald himself. I blinked in a hurry, wishing it were a dream, but it wasn't. So, I blinked once and there was no one, but when I opened my eyes: a man in front of me. I was standing, looking at the Secto that followed me. Turning his face, he asked me: are you with Geki ?. I didn't understand anything, and he noticed, but he also realized that the Herald was bothered by the question. Then, putting his hand on his waist, he pulled out a golden key, and fitting it into a device, activated the most beautiful technology (in my conception) that I had ever seen: he became a warrior, with vehicles and weapons never seen . I never saw him again, until yesterday. Yesterday he invaded the tournament, and in the center of the arena, he changed, different this time: he found what he was looking for. And that was a challenge to the Secto. We need him by our side, did you hear me? We need him. "- Anonymous Report. SKILLS: Kenji starts the game in his human form, just with his ordinary car and simple skills. However, after the game progresses, he acquires power to activate his Madan Keys, which enable him to unlock powers never before seen in the game. Passive: Master of the Keys. Kenji starts the game with only common skills and no complementary effects. After acquiring 5000 points of damage, your Special Weapon activates, with the effect of allowing the player, which Key Madan Kenji will activate, thus assuming its permanent form until the end of the game. Kenji has three Madan transformation options: Aqua Madan, Pyro Madan and Madan Thunder. Each form activates different passives in the other abilities. (Note: Pyro Mode is in the form of a tank, or heavy truck. The image is just to give you an idea) Ability 1 (-Q-): Final Key: The Dragon Cannon. This ability has click effects, and key press effects. Clicking once allows Kenji to fire a dragon-shaped beam in a straight line. Pressing allows Kenji to charge the shot, releasing it with more power. Aqua Passive: The charged shot pushes enemies forward. Pyro Passive: The charged shot generates an explosion at the end, with twice the damage of the original charge. Passive Thunder: Normal firing has a current effect: it spreads between targets, causing a slowdown but little damage. Skill 2 (-W-): Final Key: Dragon Cut. Kenji Pushes his car forward, holding his sword, cutting and crossing cars. After that, it goes in reverse, at the same speed, causing damage again. Kenji will always return to his starting point, regardless of negative effects. Aqua Passive: Kenji pushes cars crossed by this ability. Pyro Passive: For every car that Kenji passes through, the damage done by him will be increased by 10%. And each car traversed will burn for 1 second. Passive Thunder: For each car that Kenji passes through, the cooldown of the ability will be reduced by 25%. Kenji is invulnerable on his way back and forth. Skill 3 (-E-): Final Key: The Madan-Gon-OH Advance. Kenji accelerates his car forward. Aqua Passive: Kenji freezes the ground, causing sabotage in the cars behind. Its nitro is lower in this form. Pyro Passive: Kenji accelerates the car with its side flames on, causing damage to enemies. Passive Thunder: Kenji strongly accelerates his car, crossing opponent's walls and cars (as long as he doesn't have the bomb). Special Ability (-R-): Supreme Key: Madan-Kenji-Gon-OH! The Warrior God. Kenji stops for a few seconds to transform. He pulls out his supreme key, and summoning the powers of the supreme dragon, the active one. After that, his clothes become golden and have a red cape. During this transformation, Kenji has all the passives of his abilities, with reduced cooldown. --x-- PORTUGUÊS: KENJI MADAN - O GUERREIRO GEKI. Lore: "Sob o que ocorreu ontem: Eu... Eu me lembro bem quando nos conhecemos. Conhecer é uma palavra forte. Quando eu o vi pela primeira vez. Eu estava fugindo do Secto do Metal; as ruas eram apertadas, ou era o medo afetando a minha cabeça. Carregava comigo peças, arquivos, papéis, tudo. Tudo o que tinha sobrado do meu antigo esconderijo. Mas eram muitos, muitos vindo atrás de mim, e isso acarretou que eu fui encurralada. Era um beco pequeno, e meu carro não passava, além de que, quando o a adrenalina sobe, o raciocínio lógico cai. Eu estava lá, e na minha frente: inúmeros guardas, e o próprio Herald. Eu piscava com pressa, desejando que fosse um sonho, mas não era. Então, eu pisquei uma vez e não tinha ninguém, mas quando abri os olhos: um homem na minha frente. Estava parado, olhando para o Secto que me seguia. Virando o rosto, ele questionou a mim: você esta com o Geki?. Eu não entendi nada, e ele notou, mas percebeu também que o Herald se incomodou com a pergunta. Então, colocando a mão na cintura ele puxou uma chave dourada, e encaixando-a em um equipamento, ativou a mais bela tecnologia (na minha concepção) que eu ja havia visto: ele se transformou em um guerreiro, com veículos e armas jamais vistas. Nunca mais o vi, até ontem. Ontem ele invadiu o torneio, e no centro da arena, se transformou, diferente dessa vez: ele encontrou o que procurava. E isso era um desafio ao Secto. Precisamos dele ao nosso lado, escutaram bem? Precisamos dele. " - Relato Anonimo. HABILIDADES: Kenji inicia a partida em sua forma humana, apenas com seu carro comum e habilidades simples. Entretanto, após o decorrer do jogo, ele adquire poder para ativar suas Chaves Madan, que o possibilitam destravar poderes nunca antes vistos em jogo. (Observação: O Modo Pyro é na forma de um tanque, ou caminhão pesado. A imagem é apenas para ter uma ideia) Passiva: Mestre das Chaves. Kenji inicia o jogo apenas com habilidades comuns e sem efeitos complementares. Após adquirir 5000 pontos de dano, sua Arma Especial se ativa, com o efeito de permitir ao jogador, qual Chave Madan Kenji vai ativar, assim assumindo sua forma permanente até o final do jogo. Kenji possui três opções de transformação Madan: Aqua Madan, Pyro Madan e Trovão Madan. Cada forma ativando passivas diferentes nas demais habilidades. Habilidade 1 (-Q-): Chave Final: O Canhão Dragão. Essa habilidade possui efeitos de click, e efeitos de pressão da tecla. Clicar uma vez, permite que Kenji dispare um feixe em forma de dragão em linha reta. Pressionar, permite que Kenji carregue o disparo, o liberando com mais poder. Passiva Aqua: O disparo carregado empurra os inimigos a frente. Passiva Pyro: O disparo carregado gera uma explosão no final, com o dobro de dano da carga original. Passiva Trovão: O disparo normal possui efeito de corrente: se espalha entre os alvos, causando diminuição de velocidade, mas pouco dano. Habilidade 2 (-W-): Chave Final: Corte Dragão. Kenji Impulsiona seu carro para frente, segurando sua espada, cortando e atravessando carros. Após isso, ele volta em marcha ré, na mesma velocidade, causando dano novamente. Kenji sempre vai voltar para seu ponto de partida, independente de efeitos negativos. Passiva Aqua: Kenji empurra os carros atravessados por essa habilidade. Passiva Pyro: Para cada carro que Kenji atravessar, o dano causado por ele sera aumentado em 10%. E cada carro atravessado sofrerá queimadura por 1 segundo. Passiva Trovão: Para cada carro que Kenji atravessar, a recarga da habilidade sera reduzida em 25%. Kenji fica invulnerável na ida e na volta. Habilidade 3 (-E-): Chave Final: O Avanço Madan-Gon-OH. Kenji acelera seu carro para frente. Passiva Aqua: Kenji congela o chão, causando sabotagem nos carros atrás. Seu nitro é menor nessa forma. Passiva Pyro: Kenji acelera o carro com suas chamas laterais ligadas, causando dano nos inimigos. Passiva Trovão: Kenji acelera fortemente seu carro, atravessando muros e carros adversários (desde que não esteja com a bomba). Habilidade Especial (-R-): Chave Suprema: Madan-Kenji-Gon-OH! O Deus Guerreiro. Kenji para por alguns segundos para se transformar. Ele saca sua chave suprema, e invocando os poderes do dragão supremo, a ativa. Após isso, suas roupas se tornam douradas e de capa vermelha. Durante essa transformação, Kenji possui todas as passivas de suas habilidades, com recarga reduzida.
  10. DISEL RIGS! ENGLISH: Disel Rigs - The Old Smoke. Interceptor, Transport. LORE: Born in regions far from the civilization of the new world, this man dedicated his life to working on the old irons. His pieces were sold to pilots all over the world, and in those sales, he made countless friends: members of the Secto, members of gangs, and members of the revolution. However, as time went on, he discovered that his allies had been captured by the Secto. The anger heated up with blood, and preparing a deadly machine, he headed towards the Heavy Metal Machines tournament, where unfortunately, he would find out what his pieces were being used for. APPEARANCE: Disel Rigs is a young man with short hair, bruised body and tall stature. Rudeness at first sight. Its differential is the use of two vehicles for combat. Disel has a huge truck, adapted to load a car in the rear. The car you carry is your guarantee even if it was shot once, it will continue in combat. And as a weapon, Disel carries an immense chain, with a ship anchor at the end. A huge anchor. SKILLS: General Passive: Foot in Metal. Disel Rigs has two cars: a truck, and a smaller car at its rear. He uses the truck as a primary car, and the smaller car as a secondary. Disel has a brown area in its life bar. The brown area is the life of the Truck. When that bar zeroes, the truck explodes, and Disel starts to drive the Car. When driving the car, life fills up and turns green, as usual. After losing the truck, Disel will only have it back when he dies. Truck attacks are considerably slower. Q - There goes ANCHOR! and be careful there! Passive Truck: While walking, due to her weight, Disel leaves tire tracks in the arena. These cheeks affect opposing cars that go over. If they stay in them too long, they will be stuck for a few seconds. Active Truck: This ability can be used forwards or backwards. Disel throws its anchor high, and with force, it descends to the ground, causing damage to where it hits, and cracking the ground, creating a jam zone. If they hear cars attached to the anchor, they will be thrown up and lowered in the same way, taking damage. Passive Car: Inside the car there is no room for the anchor, so Disel leaves it out, being dragged behind the car. Cars that hit the ends of the anchor were stuck in it for a few seconds, but drastically slowed Disel. Active car: Disel throws his anchor up, and drops it in front of him, dealing damage. W - Steel Fishing and High Friction. Active Truck: Disel throws its anchor forward, or backward, in the shape of a half moon. If the anchor hits a car, it will be attached to it for a few seconds. Disel cannot pull cars attached to him. Active car: Disel pulls it into the car, and fixes its anchor in its current position, generating a jam area where it is. Cars trapped in this area suffer damage. As long as the anchor is attached, Disel cannot advance any further than the current allows. E - Sounds of Steel and Old Smoke. Active Truck: Disel gradually accelerates his vehicle, while honking his huge horn. While being touched, opposing cars around them suffered light damage, but lost control of their machines. The Truck becomes invurable to frontal pushes while accelerating. Active Car: Disel switches on a short turbo to advance its anchor. This turbo forces its engines, which, when started, leave an imanian cloud of smoke behind. The pulled anchor has been generating jam areas. R - Goodbye good smoke! It can only be activated on the truck. Disel places a brick on the truck's accelerator, and making a hole in the fuel tanks and electrical area, gets out of the vehicle, driving his car. The truck goes straight, until it explodes in a circular area. Disel starts to drive his car after that. ---X--- PORTUGUÊS: Disel Rigs - A Velha Fumaça. Interceptador, Transporte. LORE: Nascido em regiões distantes da civilização do novo mundo, esse senhor dedicou sua vida a trabalhar nos ferros velhos. Suas peças eram vendidas para pilotos do mundo inteiro, e nessas vendas, fez inúmeras amizades: membros do Secto, membros de gangues, e membros da revolução. Entretanto, com o passar do tempo, descobriu que seus aliados haviam sido capturados pelo Secto. A raiva esquentou de sangue, e preparando uma máquina mortal, seguiu em direção ao torneio de Heavy Metal Machines, onde infelizmente, descobriria para que suas peças estavam sendo utilizadas. APARÊNCIA: Disel Rigs é um senhos de cabelos curtos, corpo machucado e estatura alta. Grosseria a primeira vista. Seu diferencial é a ultilizaçãoo de dois veículos para combate. Disel possui um imenso caminhão, adaptado para carregar um carro na traseira. O carro que carrega é sua garantia de que mesmo abatido uma vez, continuará em combate. E como arma, Disel carrega consigo uma imensa corrente, com uma âncora de navio na ponta. Uma imensa âncora. HABILIDADES: Passiva Geral: Pé no Metal. Disel Rigs possui dois carros: um caminhão, e um carro menor em sua traseira. Ele usa o caminhão como carro primário, e o carro menor como secundário. Disel possui, na sua barra de vida uma área marrom. A área marrom é a vida do Caminhão. Quando essa barra zera, o caminhão explode, e Disel passa a pilotar o Carro. Quando está pilotando o carro, a vida enche e se torna verde, como de costume. Após perder o caminhão, Disel apenas o terá de volta quando morrer. Os ataques no Caminhão são consideravelmente mais lentos. Q - Lá vai ÂNCORA! e Cuidado aí Atrás! Caminhão Passiva: Enquanto anda, devido a seu peso, Disel deixa marcas de pneu na arena. Essas mascas afetam carros adversários que passarem por cima. Se ficarem muito tempo nelas, serão atolados por alguns segundos. Caminhão Ativa: Essa habilidade pode ser usada para frente, ou para trás. Disel joga sua âncora para o alto, e com força, a desce até o solo, causando dano a onde atinge, e rachando o chão, gerando zona de atolamento. Se ouverem carros presos a âncora, eles serão jogados para o alto e descidos da mesma forma, sofrendo dano. Carro Passiva: Dentro do carro não tem espaço para a âncora, por isso Disel a deixa para fora, sendo arrastada por trás do carro. Carros que baterem nas pontas da âncora, ficaram presos nela por alguns segundos, mas diminuíram drasticamente a velocidade de Disel. Carro ativa: Disel joga sua âncora para cima, e a desce a sua frente, causando dano. W - Pesca de Aço e Muito Atrito. Caminhão Ativa: Disel lança sua âncora para frente, ou para trás, em formato de meia lua. Caso a âncora atinja algum carro, esse ficará preso a ela por alguns segundos. Disel não pode puxar carros fixos a ele. Carro ativa: Disel puxa para dentro do carro, e fixa sua âncora na sua posição atual, gerando uma área de atolamento onde ele está. Carros presos por essa área sofrem dano. Enquanto a âncora estiver presa, Disel não pode avançar mais do que a corrente permite. E - Sons de Aço e Velha Fumaça. Caminhão Ativa: Disel acelera gradativamente seu veículo, enquanto toca sua imensa buzina. Enquanto estiver sendo tocada, carros adversários em volta sofreram dano leve, mas perderam controle de suas máquinas. O Caminhão fica invurevel a empurrões frontais enquanto acelera. Carro Ativa: Disel liga um curto turbo para avançar com sua âncora. Esse turbo força seus motores, que ao ligarem, deixam uma imanesa nuvem de fumaça para trás. A âncora puxada vem gerando áreas de atolamento. R - Adeus boa fumaça! Só pode ser ativada no caminhão. Disel coloca um tijolo no acelerador do caminhão, e fazendo um furo nos tanques de combustível e na área elétrica, sai do veículo, pilotando seu carro. O caminhão segue em linha reta, até o momento que explode em uma área circular. Disel passa a pilotar seu Carro após isso.
  11. GELORUM!!! ENGLISH: LORE (General of Drones): Searching the foundations of the world, an old scientist found something that could change his life: an old factory, lost underground for a thousand years. In it, there were a series of production and assembly machines, and in the warehouses, dozens of humanoid drones, asleep and hidden. Seeing this, the man swore that his life would be done: he would produce perfect piloting machines, aggressive and cruel, and taking them to the surface, in HMM turners, he would be rich with such novelty. So he started the assembly process, reactivating the factory. Installed the drivers with the rules, strategies, bases and secrets for the championship. However, his greed and thirst for victory passed to the machines, especially to Alpha G / 01, which, contaminated by this desire, killed its creator. And yet, taken for this reason, she desired universal domination. To do that, you should defeat everyone in the arena. She prepared a team of drones to accompany her, and from the production mats, she left, the sw / 01, the tg / 01, and the KD / 01. All prepared to die, after all, more could always be produced. Independent transport / Interceptor. Passive: Aircraft carrier. Gelorum Abilities depend on the number of Aero Drones that surround it. She starts the game with 3 aero sleeps. Every 1 minute it generates two aero drones. They stack up to a maximum of 20 aero drones. Each aerodrone has 30 HP. Q - Drone flyby. Gelorum orders his drone aircraft to attack targets ahead. The shot is in an arena ahead, not during the way. (Similar to the STARGAZER Q when docked, or the Peacemaker W). Each activation of this ability uses 1 Aero Drone. W - Escort Drone. Gelorum activates his fighter planes so that they escort her along the way. Any targets that enter the escort area will be attacked on the tires, losing control of their machines. If an opponent's car with the bomb enters the area, it will be the priority. Reactivating this ability by targeting him as an ally, transfers ownership of the escort. This skill uses all available Aero Drones. After use, 3 aero drones are automatically recharged. While under escort, Gelorum gains the passive life saving: if she were to die, a drone is sacrificed and she remains low. E - Imperial Flight. Gelorum Pushes your car forward, while releasing several aero drones on the way. Drones attack all passing opponents, and chase targets that carry the bomb. This ability uses half (rounded down) of the available Aero Drones, after used, the number of aerodrones is restored to the total. R - Drone Assembly Line. Gelorum doubles the number of aero drones it has, ignoring the limit of 20. All of this for a limited time. After that they self-destruct, resetting the aero drone count. In the meantime, Gelorum gains life recovery. PORTUGUÊS: LORE ( Geral dos Drones): Pesquisando nas fundações do mundo, um velho cientista encontrou algo que poderia mudar sua vida: uma antiga fábrica, perdida abaixo da terra durante mil anos. Nela, havia uma série de esteiras de produção e montagem de máquinas, e nos armazéns, dezenas de drones humanóides, adormecidos e escondidos. Vendo isso, o homem jurou que sua vida estaria feita: produziria máquinas perfeitas de pilotagem, agressivas e cruéis, e levando-as para a superfície, nos torneiros de HMM, ele seria rico com tamanha novidade. Assim ele iniciou o processo de montagem, reativando a fábrica. Instalou os drivers com as regras,estratégias, bases e segredos para o campeonato. Entretanto, sua ganância e sede de vitória passaram para as máquinas, em especial, para a Alpha G/01, que contaminada por esse desejo, matou seu criador. E ainda, tomada por isso, desejou a dominação universal. Para isso, deveria derrotar a todos na arena. Ela preparou uma equipe de drones para lhe acompanhar, e das esteiras de produção, saíram ela, o sw/01, o tg/01, e o KD/01. Todos preparados para morrer, afinal, sempre poderiam ser produzidos mais. Transporte independente/Interceptor. Passiva: Porta Aviões. As Habilidades de Gelorum dependem do número de Aero Drones que a cercam. Ela inicia o jogo com 3 aero dormes. A cada 1 minuto ela gera dois aero drone. Eles acumulam até no máximo 20 aero drones. Cada aerodrone possui 30 de HP. Q - Sobrevoo Drone. Gelorum ordena que suas aeronaves drones ataquem alvos a frente. O disparo é em uma arena afrente, e não durante o caminho. (Semelhante ao Q da STARGAZER quando acoplada, ou o W do Peacemaker). Cada ativação dessa habilidade usa 1 Aero Drone. W - Escolta Drone. Gelorum ativa seus aviões de combate para que a escoltem durante o caminho. Quaisquer alvos que entrarem na área de escolta serão atacados nos pneus, perdendo o controle de suas máquinas. Caso um carro adversário com a bomba entre na área, ele será a prioridade. Reativar essa habilidade mirando-o como aliado, transfere a posse da escolta. Essa habilidade usa todos os Aero Drones disponíveis. Após seu uso, 3 aero drones são recarregados automaticame. Enquanto estiver sob escolta, Gelorum ganha a passiva salva vidas: caso fosse morrer, um drone é sacrificado e ela se mantém com baixa vida. E - Voo Imperial. Gelorum Impulsiona seu carro para frente, enquanto solta no caminho diversos aero drones. Os drones atacam todos os adversários que passam, e perseguem os alvos que carregarem a bomba. Essa habilidade usa metade (arredondada para baixo) dos Aero Drones disponíveis, depois de usada, o número de aerodrones é restabelecido ao total. R - Linha de Montagem Drone. Gelorum duplica a quantidade de aero drones que possui, ignorando o limite de 20. Tudo isso por um tempo limitado. Após isso eles se auto destroem, zerando a contagem de aero drones. Enquanto isso ocorre, Gelorum ganha recuperação de vida.
  12. New machine concept: Chainbrawl. Description: A Interceptor focused on cutting down it's foes. Pilot's appearance: Two goofy lumberjacks in overalls and toboggans. Machine's appearance: A Lumber truck like the one pictured below but would have two gigantic saws in the front instead of a roller. Lore: Bobby and Jim Sawshank are two lumberjacks who love to cut down trees and make them into other stuff. The Clunker bros hate them for what they did to their prized pine tree a while back, and blame them for it. Now they enter the arena in their heavily armored Lumber truck the Chainbrawl to settle the score! Abilities: Passive: Lumber crane. Any enemy who gets too close is automatically thrown back by the crane on their truck. Q: Buzzsaw. Shoots out a buzzsaw which cuts through enemies dealing low damage. W: Keep those logs a rollin'! Drops a bunch of logs from the back of the machine which roll toward enemies burying them. E: Woodchip Whoopin'. Accelerates forward blowing a trail of woodchips into enemies. R: TIMBER!! Saws appear everywhere around the machine which deal high damage and can insert enemies into the built in chipper which can heal Chainbrawl.
  13. New machine concept: Tomageist. Description: A interceptor specialized in countering. Pilot's appearance: He'd be a strong looking Indian who would wear a headdress, and would have facepaint. Machine's appearance: A cursed Pontiac firebird with a wolf skull on the front. Lore: It turns out that Windrider wasn't the only member killed by the red blight gang, Her brother died as well. Now he's back from the dead and enters the arena to reunite with his sister. Abilities: Passive: Spirit of Vengeance. Doubles the damage every time he counters an enemy's weapon. Q: Cursed Spear. Shoots out a spear from the front of his machine which deals damage and can puncher enemies' tires. W: Shell of the armadillo. A armadillo spirit surrounds his machine which reflects enemy projectiles back at them. E: Cheetah. Accelerates forward with a cheetah spirit surrounding his machine. R: Last life. Tomageist shoots out multiple arrows dealing high damage and punchering enemies' tires.
  14. New machine concept: Ray O' Light. Description: A fragile Interceptor that uses the power of light to damage enemies and heal allies. Pilot's appearance: He'd be an angel with an anti sect of metal symbol. Machine's appearance: A Motorcycle which is constantly shining underneath the light. Lore: An angel arrives in Metal City to defend it from any Sect of Metal activity that stirs up. One day while he was riding on his lightcycle, he found Photon who was severely damaged by Full Metal Judge after a match. So he decided to help her by using his illuminating light to heal her up and fix her machine. Photon thanked him for his assistance and invited him to the arena for his gratitude. Now he fights in the arena with his new allies and together, they fight against the forces of the Sect! Abilities: Passive: Illuminate. A aura of heavenly light heals allies when near, and heals himself faster than the usual healing time. Q: Sun Arrow. Shoots an arrow of light from his bow at enemies which damages enemies, and heals allies. W: Shield of light. A golden shield appears at the front of his cycle which blocks enemy fire. E: Ride of the Valkyries. Ray O' Light spreads his wings which propel him forward. R: Heavenly Blessing. A light from the heavens shines down upon him healing himself and allies instantly. (Basically the same as Metal Herald's ult but opposite.)
  15. New machine concept: Headlock. Description: A interceptor who can do high damage in a big area similar to Rampage. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a ex Maximatics employee just like Rampage. Machine's appearance: A crawler crane with a HUGE wrecking ball bigger than normal cranes would have. Lore: It turns out that Rampage wasn't the only Maximatics worker who was betrayed. Bethany Ironsburg Maximatics' crane operator was stripped of her freedom too. After questioning Solomon Lorde of his actions he imprisoned her along with Rampage who told her it was revenge time. Using a hammer, she armored up her crane for destruction (With some help from Rampage.) and when she was finished, she destroyed the main office using her crane's wrecking ball! Nowadays she's at the Metal City demolition site helping to bring a new meaning to "Demolition". And when she heard about the arena, she joined to thank Rampage for his help. (And to reunite with him.) Abilities: Passive: Swinging Ball. Headlock's ball swings back and forth dealing damage to enemies that get too close. Q: Gyro Spin. She rotates her machine 360* hitting enemies with her wrecking ball. W: Hammerton. She throws her ball forward which causes a shockwave pushing enemies back and dealing damage. E: Boom boost. She throws her ball behind her taking slight damage but propelling her forward. (Enemies take damage if they get to close.) R: Wrecking Revolution. Headlock swings 360" just like with weapon Q, but she does it 3 times dealing high damage to enemies and pushing them back.
  16. New machine concept remake: Mysticat. Description: An interceptor that confuses enemies instead of dealing damage. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a young feline zoomorph who's a magician. Machine's appearance: A van like this but it would be sparkly complete with cat ears, a top hat, catlike headlights, and a cape. Lore: Elvina the magnificent is a famous magician from the City of Manfall who loves to put on shows for the residents! She has a loyal fanbase dedicated to her "Because i'm just amazing!" she would say. Despite her young age she knew every magic trick from the book. One day while she was preparing for her next show, she got a letter from Killer J who wanted her to preform in his Unamusement Park. So she accepted and drove in her machine called the Mysticat over to the park to do her show, not knowing it was all just a trick and when she found out about KJ's true motives she took action! She fought off KJ's gang one by one, and he was so shocked that he sped off in fear! Not bothering to pursue him Elvina saw a billboard for the Metal Arena in Metal City. She decided then and there that her next show will be in the arena. And that's where it truly was! Abilities: Passive: Magician's Assistant. One truly lucky ally gets his or her damage boosted by 15%. Q: Spellcaster. Shoots a sparkling projectile at enemies dealing low damage but it messes with their steering. W: Hypnosis. She casts a spell which can make enemies fall asleep and disable their weapons. E: You can't see me! Elvina opens her van's rear doors and releases smoke propelling her forward. R: Now I disappear! 1st tap: Elvina disappears into a cloud of smoke. 2nd tap: She reappears instantly dealing high damage to enemies and affecting their steering. Pick quote: "It's a magical world!" (giggles) Kill quote: "Now for my next trick..." Low life: "Hey i'm not supposed to disappear!" Ult: "POOF!" 2nd activation: "Here I am!" (giggles) Win quote: "Thanks for coming to see my show!" Lose quote: "WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO BE A CRITIC?!"
  17. New machine concept: Armorhide. Description: An heavily armored interceptor that's very hard to push and to rival Peacemaker. Pilot's appearance: He would be a rhinoceros zoomorph in an solider outfit. Machine's appearance: Picture this armored truck with two rocket launchers on top, and a ram in the front. Lore: A high ranking solider from the City of Manfall discovers that his former college Brian Steele is in the arena in Metal City. He enters to sort out their differences. Abilities: Passive: Rhino Guard. Whenever he is near allies they gain an armor boost. Q: Missile Blast. Shoots out a missile at enemies which deal low damage on contact. (If it misses and enemies are near it causes splash damage.) W: Grenade Dropper. Two hatches open up on both sides of his machine and two grenades launch out both sides dealing direct damage when near, and splash damage if missed. E: Rhino Charge. Armorhide surges forward ramming enemies dealing high damage. (Instantly kills them if you push them into a wall.) R: Magnetic Mine. Launches a magnetic bomb onto an enemy and begins a countdown. (2nd activation: The mine explodes instantly destroying all enemies that are caught in the blast.)
  18. New machine concept: Grave Raider. Description: An Interceptor that can heal himself from the enemies that he destroys. Pilot's appearance: A armored deadman in a trenchcoat. Machine's appearance: A hearse decorated with skulls and junk. Lore: Dick Gravestone a man who walks the wastelands in his armored hearse seeks out new souls to take to the underworld. He enters the arena to seek out new victims whose souls are waiting to be taken! (Also he's the one who created Vulture.) Abilities: Passive: Walking with death. Enemies' damage is reduced by 25% from a curse. Q: Tormented Souls. Fires two ghosts from the front of his machine dealing low damage. W: Tombstone. Summons a grave which drops onto enemies. E: Deadman Running. Opens the door on the back of his hearse and accelerates forward while ghosts come out to attack enemies. R: Fear the Reaper. Millions of scythes surround GR and launch out dealing immense damage to enemies.
  19. New machine concept: Raven Lord. Description: An Interceptor that's the complete opposite of Black Lotus. Pilot's appearance: He would wear a black hood with a cloak and would have feathers on his outfit. Machine's appearance: A bird styled race car complete with a raven head on the front and would have six wheels. Lore: A racer who Black Lotus killed during a race because of his questionable motives returns from the dead as a vengeful spirit with the powers of a raven enters the arena to seek payback. Abilities: Passive: Spirit of the raven. whenever he attacks a enemy with his Q he gets a temporary speed boost for his E. Q: Night Shadow. Sends out a projectile of black matter that deals low damage. W: My feathered friend. Summons a pet raven that attacks enemies but whenever the raven gets hit it automatically disappears. E: The raven takes flight! Two enormous raven wings appear on both sides of his machine which propel him forward. R: Talons of the raven. Raven Lord flies up and two big talons appear from below his machine which can grab enemies and crush them.
  20. New machine concept: Nightclaw. Description: A stealthy interceptor that uses the power of darkness. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a wolf zoomorph in gothic hip clothing. Machine's appearance: A concept race car as the two pictured below but it would have fangs on the grill. Lore: When the moon is full in the City of Manfall, this young wolf comes alive! She loves racing around in her stealthy machine the Nightclaw and having fun singing near the moon! One night while she was cruising she saw Stingray who was examining the city cause it was his first time visiting there. Immediately the two saw each other and had a race in which she won. Stingray was so impressed that he invited her to the arena to participate and have fun. And that's what she did! Abilities: Passive: Full Moon. Whenever she uses her weapon E her attack gets increased. (It's a very very VERY rare occurrence though.) Q: Dark Arrow. Shoots a arrow surrounded in a dark aura which deals low damage to enemies but it can be charged to deal higher damage the long the Q key is held down. W: Smoke Bomb. Lobs a smoke bomb which attaches itself onto enemies. 2nd activation: the bomb detonates blinding all enemies near effecting their steering wheels. E: Midnight Run. Nightclaw accelerates forward at blistering speed surrounded in a dark aura and leaving a dark trail behind. R: Wolf's Bite. Nightclaw uses the teeth on the grill of the machine to bite down on enemies damaging them and healing herself by 15%.
  21. New machine concept: Black Phoenix. Description: An interceptor that can act as a transporter depending on the situation. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a avian zoomorph in a superhero outfit. Machine's appearance: It be similar to the car from The Wraith. (As pictured below.) But with fire decals. Lore: This bird is the City of Manfall's guardian angel who protects the citizens from those who try to destroy it. She inspired herself to become a superhero after witnessing Black Lotus save some members of her flock. Ever since then, she swore to protect the city from evil and from some encouraging from BL. Now she fights in the arena to uncover who he is and thank him for what he's done! Abilities: Passive: Power of the Phoenix. Allies get a speed boost by her flaming aura. Q: Phoenix Fire. Shoots a ball of black fire which bounces off the walls and when it explodes it leaves the floor on fire for a few seconds. W: Firestorm. Calls down a rain of flaming meteors dealing damage to enemies. E: Flight of the Phoenix. Engulfing her machine in the shape of a phoenix she speeds forward. R: Rising Phoenix. Same as E but the only difference is that she becomes invulnerable. (And the phoenix shape is black.)
  22. UMA IDEIA DE PERSONAGEM! / UMA IDÉIA DE PERSONAGEM! / ¡UNA IDEA DE CARÁCTER! Fantoche de Metal - Uma alma abandonada pelo Secto do Metal, mas que curada por uma força misteriosa, agora busca vingança através de uma arte antiga, pertencente ao mundo antes do apocalipse! Seu carro exala magia negra, e em seu banco traseiro, diversas marionetes vazias gerar por um novo ar de vida! Metal Puppet - Uma alma abandonada pelo Metal Secto, mas curada por uma força misteriosa, agora busca vingança por meio da arte milenar, pertencente ao mundo antes do apocalipse! Seu carro exala magia negra e, no banco de trás, vários bonecos vazios aguardam um novo ar de vida! Marioneta de metal: uma alma abandonada por el setor del metal, pero curada por una fuerza misteriosa, ahora busca venganza a través del arte antiguo, ¡que pertenece al mundo antes del apocalipsis! ¡Tu auto exuda magia negra y en tu asiento trasero, varias marionetas vacías esperan un nuevo aire de vida! --x --- Passiva - A MARCA DA CRIAÇÃO: Próximos OS Próximos Fazer metais Puppet São marcados com Uma Linha de Inspiração. Essa linha fica presa a adversários enquanto se mantém os próximos, ao se afastar, a linha é desfeita. Passivo - A MARCA DA CRIAÇÃO: os inimigos próximos ao Metal Puppet são marcados com uma linha de inspiração. Esta linha está presa aos oponentes enquanto eles ficarem próximos, conforme eles se afastam, a linha é rompida. Pasiva: LA MARCA DE LA CREACIÓN: los enemigos cercanos a Metal Puppet está marcados com uma linha de inspiração. Esta línea está unida a los oponentes siempre que se mantengan cerca, mientras se alejan, la línea se rompe. --x-- Q - UMA NOVA IDEIA: Metal Puppet dispara um projetil de maldição a sua frente. O primeiro inimigo atingido pelo projetil, e que estiver sob a passiva "A marca da criação", recebe dano adicional, e parte do dano acionado e convertido em vida para o Metal Puppet. Q - UMA NOVA IDÉIA: Metal Puppet atira um projétil maldito na sua frente. O primeiro inimigo atingido pelo projétil, que está sob o passivo "A Marca da Criação", sofre dano adicional, e parte do dano infligido é convertido em vida para o Metal Puppet. Q - UNA NUEVA IDEA: Metal Puppet dispara un proyectil de maldición frente a ti. El primer enemigo golpeado por el proyectil, que está debajo de la pasiva "La Marca de La Creación", sufre daño adicional e parte do daño recibido se convierte en vida para Marioneta de metal. --x-- W - BONECA VODOO - (Apenas pode ser ativa se houver um oponente afetado pela passiva "A MARCA DA CRIAÇÃO"): Fantoche de metal cria uma nuvem Voodoo em seu entorno. Se a nuvem atingir um oponente, Metal Puppet criará uma Boneca Voodoo daquele piloto. Pode haver apenas um piloto adversário sobre esse efeito. ° EFEITOS DA BONECA: Todo dano que o Metal Puppet recebe, será redirecionado ao piloto adversário (boneca), e convertido em vida a Metal Puppet.Além disso: O carro afetado vai replicar / imitar por 2,5 segundos os movimentos de Metal Puppet - Contando com aumentos de velocidade e sabotagen. W - BONECA DE VODOO - (Só pode ser ativo se houver um oponente afetado pelo passivo "A MARCA DA CRIAÇÃO"): O Fantoche de Metal cria uma nuvem Voodoo ao seu redor. Se a nuvem atingir um oponente, o Metal Puppet criará uma Voodoo Doll para esse piloto. Só pode haver um driver oposto neste efeito. ° EFEITOS DO BONECO: Todo dano que o Metal Puppet recebe, será redirecionado para o piloto adversário (boneco), e convertido em vida para o Metal Puppet. Além disso: o carro afetado irá replicar / imitar os movimentos do Metal Puppet por 2,5 segundos - com aumento de velocidade e sabotagem. W - BONECA DE VODOO - (Solo puede estar activo si feno un oponente afectado por la pasiva "A MARCA DA CRIAÇÃO"): Fantoche de metal crea una nube de Voodoo a su alrededor. Si la nube golpea um oponente, Metal Puppet cria um Voodoo Doll para ese piloto. Solo puede haber um driver opuesto a este efecto. ° EFECTOS DE LA MUÑECA: Todo o daño que reciba Metal Puppet, será redirigido al piloto contrario (muñeca) e convertido para a vida em Metal Puppet. Además: el coche afectado replicará / imitará los movimientos de Metal Puppet durante 2,5 segundos, con aumentos de velocidad y sabotaje. --x-- E - ESTRADAS DE LOUISIANA: Fantoche de metal avança em minha retomada uma nuvem Voodoo para trás, consumindo parte de sua vida.Para cada inimigo atingido pela nuvem a duração de Boneca Voodoo (W) é prolongada em 1 segundo. E para cada segundo que eles se mantiverem na nuvem, o Boneca Voodoo recebe 0,4 segundos de redução de tempo de recarga. Entretanto, o Metal Puppet não pode se curar enquanto houverem inimigos na névoa. E - ESTRADAS PARA LOUISIANA: Fantoche de metal avança na minha linha deixar uma nuvem Voodoo para trás, consumindo parte de sua vida. Para cada inimigo atingido pela nuvem, a duração do Voodoo Doll (W) é estendida em 1 segundo. E para cada segundo que eles permanecem na nuvem, o Voodoo Doll recebe 0,4 segundos de redução do resfriamento. No entanto, o Metal Puppet não pode se curar enquanto houver inimigos na névoa. E - CAMINOS A LOUISIANA: Fantoche de metal avanza en mi linea dejando atrás de um nube de Voodoo, consumindo parte de sua vida. Por cada enemigo golpeado pelo nube, uma durabilidade de Voodoo Doll (W) se estende por 1 segundo. Y por cada segundo que permanecen en la nube, Voodoo Doll recibe 0.4 segundos de reducción de enfriamiento. Sin embargo, Metal Puppet no puede curarse a sí mismo mientras haya enemigos en la niebla. --x-- R - MESTRE DAS MARIONETES: Fantoche de metal libera uma enorme nuvem voodoo a sua volta. Essa nuvem entrega a Metal Puppet bonecos voodoo de todos os pilotos adversário atingidos, assim, o controle de seus carros.Os adversários irão imitar / replicar os movimentos de Metal Puppet, como também, iram replicar / imitar o uso de suas habilidades, mas cada um com seu equivalente (EX: se Metal Puppet utilizar o Q, os seus adversários iram usar, cada um, seus próprios Q's). Durante esse tempo, ou seja, o adversário recebe fogo aliado. Essa habilidade dura 3 segundos. R - MESTRE DOS FANTOCHES: Fantoche de Metal libera uma enorme nuvem de vodu ao seu redor. Esta nuvem entrega bonecos de vodu do Metal Puppet de todos os motoristas adversários afetados, controlando assim seus carros. Os oponentes irão imitar / replicar os movimentos do Metal Puppet, bem como, irão replicar / imitar o uso de suas habilidades, mas cada um com seu equivalente (EX: se Metal Puppet usar o Q, seus oponentes usarão, cada um, seus próprios Q's). Durante este tempo, uma equipe adversária recebe o fogo aliado. Essa habilidade dura 3 segundos. R - MESTRE DOS FANTOCHES: Fantoche de metal lanza una enorme nube vudú a su alrededor. Esta nube entrega um boneco de metal muñecos vudú de todos los condutores adversarios afectados, controlando así sus coches. Los oponentes imitarán / replicarán los movimientos de Metal Puppet, así como, replicarán / imitarán el uso de sus habilidades, pero cada una con su equivalente (EX: si Metal Puppet usa la Q, sus oponentes usarán, cada una, sus propias Q's) . Durante este tempo, el equipo contrario recibe fuego aliado. Esta habilidad tiene una duración de 3 segundos.
  23. New Machine Concept: Project X. Description: An interceptor that can track enemies. Pilot's appearance: A Scorpion mutant designed in a zoomorph lab, but is not actually a zoomorph. Machine's appearance: A scorpion motifed tank which has giant claws and a stinger cannon. Lore: The City of Manfall wanted a super being, so they selected a scorpion for the experiment. It was a success! Then he rebelled against his creators and entered the arena to find his purpose. Abilities: Passive: Venom. Gives a damage nerf to enemies. Q: Claw crunch. Punches enemies with his claws dealing low damage. W: Tailpoon. Releases the harpoon on his machine's tail dragging in enemies and dealing damage. E: Spike tracks. Spikes appear on his tank's tracks which can crush enemies if they get to close. R: Guillotine. Extends his machine's claws outward and crushes enemies between them resulting in an instant death.
  24. New Machine Concept: Streetwise. Description: An interceptor that specializes in flanking. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a golden retriever zoomorph in a hitwoman's outfit. Machine's appearance: A Porsche with two guns on the front, and spikes on the wheels. Lore: A hitwoman from the City Of Manfall enters the arena not out of greed or money but to sabotage the match and kill anyone that she doesn't trust. Abilities: Passive: Criminal mastermind. Allows Streetwise to target enemies' weak spots. Q: Leadpumper. Fires machine guns from the front of her machine dealing low damage to enemies. W: Headshot. She sticks her arm out her window holding a pistol and shoots at enemies. (May cause skid.) E: Forced getaway. Accelerates forward dropping caltrops popping enemies' tires and dealing damage. R: Blacklist. When this is activated a picture of the next target is shown, and gives a damage boost to weapons Q and W when they are used on the chosen enemy.
  25. CAR NAME: Deep Brain PILOTE NAME: NT (at least that's what is written in his identification) CLASS: Intercept Descrição do Piloto: Um homem com uma camisa de força, cabelos eletrificados e que não fala nada alem de gritos aleatórios e a palavra Thunder. Pilot Description: A man with a straight jacket, electrified hair and who speaks nothing but random shouts and the word Thunder. Description du pilote: Un homme avec une veste droite, des cheveux électrifiés et qui ne dit rien d'autre que des cris aléatoires et le mot Thunder. Descripción del piloto: Un hombre con una chaqueta recta, cabello electrificado y que no habla más que gritos al azar y la palabra Thunder. Descrição do Veiculo: um veiculo pequeno sem volante com apenas 2 rodas, ele é movido a eletricidade e o piloto a dirige usando um capacete. Vehicle description: a small vehicle without steering wheel with only 2 wheels, it is powered by electricity and the driver drives it wearing a helmet Description du véhicule: un petit véhicule sans volant avec seulement 2 roues, il est propulsé à l'électricité et le conducteur le conduit avec un casque Descripción del vehículo: un vehículo pequeño sin volante con solo 2 ruedas, funciona con electricidad y el conductor lo conduce usando un casco THEME: LORE Um louco fugido do hospício ou uma experiencia cientifica que deu errado? Ninguem sabe. As unicas coisa que sabem é que esse insano e pirado piloto apareceu na arena, nunca foi pego pelas autoridades e que tem um fascínio por eletricidade . Ele é tão maluco que até o proprio Killer J tenta ficar longe dele. A madman escaped from the madhouse or a scientific experiment that went wrong? Nobody knows. The only thing they know is that this insane and crazy pilot appeared in the arena, was never caught by the authorities and has a fascination with electricity. He's so crazy that even Killer J himself tries to stay away from him. Un fou s'est échappé de la maison des fous ou une expérience scientifique qui a mal tourné? Personne ne sait. La seule chose qu'ils savent, c'est que ce pilote fou est apparu dans l'arène, n'a jamais été attrapé par les autorités et a une fascination pour l'électricité. Il est tellement fou que même Killer J lui-même essaie de rester loin de lui. ¿Un loco escapó del manicomio o un experimento científico que salió mal? Nadie sabe. Lo único que saben es que este piloto loco apareció en la arena, nunca fue atrapado por las autoridades y está fascinado con la electricidad. Está tan loco que incluso el propio Killer J intenta mantenerse alejado de él. PASSIVE - Battery Charge Suas habilidades não possuem cooldown (apesar de terem recarga global e Warm-Up) porem toda vez que usa elas ele diminui uma carga de uma bateria que está no carro. Se o gasto da habilidade for maior que a carga que possui na bateria ela não pode ser ativada. His abilities have no cooldown (although they have global recharge and Warm-Up), but every time he uses them he decreases the charge of a battery in the car. If the skill spend is greater than the charge on the battery, it cannot be activated. Ses capacités n'ont pas de temps de recharge (bien qu'elles aient une recharge globale et un Warm-Up ), mais chaque fois qu'il les utilise, il diminue la charge d'une batterie dans la voiture. Si la dépense de la compétence est supérieure à la charge de la batterie, elle ne peut pas être activée. Sus habilidades no tienen enfriamiento (aunque tienen recarga global y Warm-Up), pero cada vez que las usa disminuye la carga de una batería en el automóvil. Si el gasto de habilidad es mayor que la carga de la batería, no se puede activar. 1st SKILL - Electroshocked Habilidade de Superaquecimento. Gasta a carga da bateria por segundo enquanto o botão estiver pressionado. Solta raios numa curta distancia em volta do carro, o raio começa em formato de + depois alterna pra formato de X e vice versa causando dano nos inimigos. Overheating ability. It drains the battery charge per second while the button is pressed. Lightning strikes a short distance around the car, the lightning starts in the shape of + then switches to the shape of X and vice versa causing damage to enemies. Capacité de surchauffe. Il draine la charge de la batterie par seconde lorsque le bouton est enfoncé. La foudre frappe à une courte distance autour de la voiture, la foudre commence en forme de + puis passe à la forme de X et vice versa causant des dégâts aux ennemis. Capacidad de sobrecalentamiento. Drena la carga de la batería por segundo mientras se presiona el botón. Los rayos caen a corta distancia alrededor del automóvil, los rayos comienzan con la forma de +, luego cambian a la forma de X y viceversa, causando daño a los enemigos. 2nd SKILL - High Voltage Dispara uma esfera eletrica lenta para frente que gasta uma quantidade especifica de carga, a bola causa dano em todos os inimigos que tocarem nela. Alem disso ela possui uma area (pensei nessa area do tamanho da segunda habilidade da artificer) que eletrifica os carros inimigos dentro dessa area (metade do dano da esfera normal). Pensei em ela demorar 2s para disparar. Shoots a slow electric sphere forward that expends a specific amount of charge, the ball deals damage to all enemies that touch it. In addition it has an area (I thought of this area the size of the second skill of the artificer) that electrifies enemy cars within that area (half the damage of the normal sphere). I thought it would take 2s to fire. Tire une sphère électrique lente vers l'avant qui dépense une quantité spécifique de charge, la balle inflige des dégâts à tous les ennemis qui la touchent. De plus, il possède une zone (j'ai pensé à cette zone de la taille de la deuxième compétence de l'artificier) qui électrise les voitures ennemies dans cette zone (la moitié des dégâts de la sphère normale). J'ai pensé qu'il faudrait 2 secondes pour tirer. Dispara una esfera eléctrica lenta hacia adelante que gasta una cantidad específica de carga, la bola inflige daño a todos los enemigos que la tocan. Además, tiene un área (pensé en esta área del tamaño de la segunda habilidad del artífice) que electrifica los autos enemigos dentro de esa área (la mitad del daño de la esfera normal). Pensé que tomaría 2 segundos para disparar. 3rd SKILL - Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment Essa habilidade fica desabilitada se a bateria estiver cheia. O carro para instantaneamente no lugar que estiver e fica imune a efeitos de empurrão e puxão e volta a andar automaticamente se a bateria estiver cheia alem de criar um campo eletrico que causa dano em qualquer carro inimigo que tocar nele. Segunda ativação: Desativa a recarga e volta a andar antes do tempo. This ability is disabled if the battery is full. The car instantly stops where it is and is immune to the effects of pushing and pulling and automatically starts walking again if the battery is full in addition to creating an electric field that causes damage to any enemy car that touches it. Second activation: Deactivates the recharge and starts walking again ahead of time. Cette capacité est désactivée si la batterie est pleine. La voiture s'arrête instantanément là où elle se trouve et est immunisée contre les effets de la poussée et de la traction et recommence automatiquement à marcher si la batterie est pleine en plus de créer un champ électrique qui endommage toute voiture ennemie qui la touche. Deuxième activation: désactive la recharge et recommence à marcher à l'avance. Esta capacidad se desactiva si la batería está llena. El automóvil se detiene instantáneamente donde está y es inmune a los efectos de empujar y tirar, y automáticamente comienza a caminar nuevamente si la batería está llena, además de crear un campo eléctrico que causa daño a cualquier automóvil enemigo que lo toque. Segunda activación: desactiva la recarga y comienza a caminar nuevamente con anticipación. ULTIMATE - Electric Eye Recarrega a bateria completamente e depois descarrega liberando 4 nuvens eletricas que ficam em volta do carro, essas nuvem perseguem o inimigo mais proximo soltando raios causando dano. It recharges the battery completely and then discharges releasing 4 electric clouds that are around the car, these clouds chase the nearest enemy releasing lightning causing damage. Il recharge complètement la batterie puis se décharge en libérant 4 nuages électriques qui se trouvent autour de la voiture, ces nuages chassent l'ennemi le plus proche en libérant des éclairs causant des dégâts. Recarga la batería por completo y luego descarga liberando 4 nubes eléctricas que están alrededor del automóvil, estas nubes persiguen al enemigo más cercano liberando un rayo que causa daños.
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