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Found 77 results

  1. New machine concept remake: Mysticat. Description: An interceptor that confuses enemies instead of dealing damage. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a young feline zoomorph who's a magician. Machine's appearance: A van like this but it would be sparkly complete with cat ears, a top hat, catlike headlights, and a cape. Lore: Elvina the magnificent is a famous magician from the City of Manfall who loves to put on shows for the residents! She has a loyal fanbase dedicated to her "Because i'm just amazing!" she would say. Despite her young age she knew every magic trick from the book. One day while she was preparing for her next show, she got a letter from Killer J who wanted her to preform in his Unamusement Park. So she accepted and drove in her machine called the Mysticat over to the park to do her show, not knowing it was all just a trick and when she found out about KJ's true motives she took action! She fought off KJ's gang one by one, and he was so shocked that he sped off in fear! Not bothering to pursue him Elvina saw a billboard for the Metal Arena in Metal City. She decided then and there that her next show will be in the arena. And that's where it truly was! Abilities: Passive: Magician's Assistant. One truly lucky ally gets his or her damage boosted by 15%. Q: Spellcaster. Shoots a sparkling projectile at enemies dealing low damage but it messes with their steering. W: Hypnosis. She casts a spell which can make enemies fall asleep and disable their weapons. E: You can't see me! Elvina opens her van's rear doors and releases smoke propelling her forward. R: Now I disappear! 1st tap: Elvina disappears into a cloud of smoke. 2nd tap: She reappears instantly dealing high damage to enemies and affecting their steering. Pick quote: "It's a magical world!" (giggles) Kill quote: "Now for my next trick..." Low life: "Hey i'm not supposed to disappear!" Ult: "POOF!" 2nd activation: "Here I am!" (giggles) Win quote: "Thanks for coming to see my show!" Lose quote: "WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO BE A CRITIC?!"
  2. New machine concept: Armorhide. Description: An heavily armored interceptor that's very hard to push and to rival Peacemaker. Pilot's appearance: He would be a rhinoceros zoomorph in an solider outfit. Machine's appearance: Picture this armored truck with two rocket launchers on top, and a ram in the front. Lore: A high ranking solider from the City of Manfall discovers that his former college Brian Steele is in the arena in Metal City. He enters to sort out their differences. Abilities: Passive: Rhino Guard. Whenever he is near allies they gain an armor boost. Q: Missile Blast. Shoots out a missile at enemies which deal low damage on contact. (If it misses and enemies are near it causes splash damage.) W: Grenade Dropper. Two hatches open up on both sides of his machine and two grenades launch out both sides dealing direct damage when near, and splash damage if missed. E: Rhino Charge. Armorhide surges forward ramming enemies dealing high damage. (Instantly kills them if you push them into a wall.) R: Magnetic Mine. Launches a magnetic bomb onto an enemy and begins a countdown. (2nd activation: The mine explodes instantly destroying all enemies that are caught in the blast.)
  3. New machine concept: Grave Raider. Description: An Interceptor that can heal himself from the enemies that he destroys. Pilot's appearance: A armored deadman in a trenchcoat. Machine's appearance: A hearse decorated with skulls and junk. Lore: Dick Gravestone a man who walks the wastelands in his armored hearse seeks out new souls to take to the underworld. He enters the arena to seek out new victims whose souls are waiting to be taken! (Also he's the one who created Vulture.) Abilities: Passive: Walking with death. Enemies' damage is reduced by 25% from a curse. Q: Tormented Souls. Fires two ghosts from the front of his machine dealing low damage. W: Tombstone. Summons a grave which drops onto enemies. E: Deadman Running. Opens the door on the back of his hearse and accelerates forward while ghosts come out to attack enemies. R: Fear the Reaper. Millions of scythes surround GR and launch out dealing immense damage to enemies.
  4. New machine concept: Raven Lord. Description: An Interceptor that's the complete opposite of Black Lotus. Pilot's appearance: He would wear a black hood with a cloak and would have feathers on his outfit. Machine's appearance: A bird styled race car complete with a raven head on the front and would have six wheels. Lore: A racer who Black Lotus killed during a race because of his questionable motives returns from the dead as a vengeful spirit with the powers of a raven enters the arena to seek payback. Abilities: Passive: Spirit of the raven. whenever he attacks a enemy with his Q he gets a temporary speed boost for his E. Q: Night Shadow. Sends out a projectile of black matter that deals low damage. W: My feathered friend. Summons a pet raven that attacks enemies but whenever the raven gets hit it automatically disappears. E: The raven takes flight! Two enormous raven wings appear on both sides of his machine which propel him forward. R: Talons of the raven. Raven Lord flies up and two big talons appear from below his machine which can grab enemies and crush them.
  5. New machine concept: Nightclaw. Description: A stealthy interceptor that uses the power of darkness. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a wolf zoomorph in gothic hip clothing. Machine's appearance: A concept race car as the two pictured below but it would have fangs on the grill. Lore: When the moon is full in the City of Manfall, this young wolf comes alive! She loves racing around in her stealthy machine the Nightclaw and having fun singing near the moon! One night while she was cruising she saw Stingray who was examining the city cause it was his first time visiting there. Immediately the two saw each other and had a race in which she won. Stingray was so impressed that he invited her to the arena to participate and have fun. And that's what she did! Abilities: Passive: Full Moon. Whenever she uses her weapon E her attack gets increased. (It's a very very VERY rare occurrence though.) Q: Dark Arrow. Shoots a arrow surrounded in a dark aura which deals low damage to enemies but it can be charged to deal higher damage the long the Q key is held down. W: Smoke Bomb. Lobs a smoke bomb which attaches itself onto enemies. 2nd activation: the bomb detonates blinding all enemies near effecting their steering wheels. E: Midnight Run. Nightclaw accelerates forward at blistering speed surrounded in a dark aura and leaving a dark trail behind. R: Wolf's Bite. Nightclaw uses the teeth on the grill of the machine to bite down on enemies damaging them and healing herself by 15%.
  6. New machine concept: Black Phoenix. Description: An interceptor that can act as a transporter depending on the situation. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a avian zoomorph in a superhero outfit. Machine's appearance: It be similar to the car from The Wraith. (As pictured below.) But with fire decals. Lore: This bird is the City of Manfall's guardian angel who protects the citizens from those who try to destroy it. She inspired herself to become a superhero after witnessing Black Lotus save some members of her flock. Ever since then, she swore to protect the city from evil and from some encouraging from BL. Now she fights in the arena to uncover who he is and thank him for what he's done! Abilities: Passive: Power of the Phoenix. Allies get a speed boost by her flaming aura. Q: Phoenix Fire. Shoots a ball of black fire which bounces off the walls and when it explodes it leaves the floor on fire for a few seconds. W: Firestorm. Calls down a rain of flaming meteors dealing damage to enemies. E: Flight of the Phoenix. Engulfing her machine in the shape of a phoenix she speeds forward. R: Rising Phoenix. Same as E but the only difference is that she becomes invulnerable. (And the phoenix shape is black.)
  7. UMA IDEIA DE PERSONAGEM! / UMA IDÉIA DE PERSONAGEM! / ¡UNA IDEA DE CARÁCTER! Fantoche de Metal - Uma alma abandonada pelo Secto do Metal, mas que curada por uma força misteriosa, agora busca vingança através de uma arte antiga, pertencente ao mundo antes do apocalipse! Seu carro exala magia negra, e em seu banco traseiro, diversas marionetes vazias gerar por um novo ar de vida! Metal Puppet - Uma alma abandonada pelo Metal Secto, mas curada por uma força misteriosa, agora busca vingança por meio da arte milenar, pertencente ao mundo antes do apocalipse! Seu carro exala magia negra e, no banco de trás, vários bonecos vazios aguardam um novo ar de vida! Marioneta de metal: uma alma abandonada por el setor del metal, pero curada por una fuerza misteriosa, ahora busca venganza a través del arte antiguo, ¡que pertenece al mundo antes del apocalipsis! ¡Tu auto exuda magia negra y en tu asiento trasero, varias marionetas vacías esperan un nuevo aire de vida! --x --- Passiva - A MARCA DA CRIAÇÃO: Próximos OS Próximos Fazer metais Puppet São marcados com Uma Linha de Inspiração. Essa linha fica presa a adversários enquanto se mantém os próximos, ao se afastar, a linha é desfeita. Passivo - A MARCA DA CRIAÇÃO: os inimigos próximos ao Metal Puppet são marcados com uma linha de inspiração. Esta linha está presa aos oponentes enquanto eles ficarem próximos, conforme eles se afastam, a linha é rompida. Pasiva: LA MARCA DE LA CREACIÓN: los enemigos cercanos a Metal Puppet está marcados com uma linha de inspiração. Esta línea está unida a los oponentes siempre que se mantengan cerca, mientras se alejan, la línea se rompe. --x-- Q - UMA NOVA IDEIA: Metal Puppet dispara um projetil de maldição a sua frente. O primeiro inimigo atingido pelo projetil, e que estiver sob a passiva "A marca da criação", recebe dano adicional, e parte do dano acionado e convertido em vida para o Metal Puppet. Q - UMA NOVA IDÉIA: Metal Puppet atira um projétil maldito na sua frente. O primeiro inimigo atingido pelo projétil, que está sob o passivo "A Marca da Criação", sofre dano adicional, e parte do dano infligido é convertido em vida para o Metal Puppet. Q - UNA NUEVA IDEA: Metal Puppet dispara un proyectil de maldición frente a ti. El primer enemigo golpeado por el proyectil, que está debajo de la pasiva "La Marca de La Creación", sufre daño adicional e parte do daño recibido se convierte en vida para Marioneta de metal. --x-- W - BONECA VODOO - (Apenas pode ser ativa se houver um oponente afetado pela passiva "A MARCA DA CRIAÇÃO"): Fantoche de metal cria uma nuvem Voodoo em seu entorno. Se a nuvem atingir um oponente, Metal Puppet criará uma Boneca Voodoo daquele piloto. Pode haver apenas um piloto adversário sobre esse efeito. ° EFEITOS DA BONECA: Todo dano que o Metal Puppet recebe, será redirecionado ao piloto adversário (boneca), e convertido em vida a Metal Puppet.Além disso: O carro afetado vai replicar / imitar por 2,5 segundos os movimentos de Metal Puppet - Contando com aumentos de velocidade e sabotagen. W - BONECA DE VODOO - (Só pode ser ativo se houver um oponente afetado pelo passivo "A MARCA DA CRIAÇÃO"): O Fantoche de Metal cria uma nuvem Voodoo ao seu redor. Se a nuvem atingir um oponente, o Metal Puppet criará uma Voodoo Doll para esse piloto. Só pode haver um driver oposto neste efeito. ° EFEITOS DO BONECO: Todo dano que o Metal Puppet recebe, será redirecionado para o piloto adversário (boneco), e convertido em vida para o Metal Puppet. Além disso: o carro afetado irá replicar / imitar os movimentos do Metal Puppet por 2,5 segundos - com aumento de velocidade e sabotagem. W - BONECA DE VODOO - (Solo puede estar activo si feno un oponente afectado por la pasiva "A MARCA DA CRIAÇÃO"): Fantoche de metal crea una nube de Voodoo a su alrededor. Si la nube golpea um oponente, Metal Puppet cria um Voodoo Doll para ese piloto. Solo puede haber um driver opuesto a este efecto. ° EFECTOS DE LA MUÑECA: Todo o daño que reciba Metal Puppet, será redirigido al piloto contrario (muñeca) e convertido para a vida em Metal Puppet. Además: el coche afectado replicará / imitará los movimientos de Metal Puppet durante 2,5 segundos, con aumentos de velocidad y sabotaje. --x-- E - ESTRADAS DE LOUISIANA: Fantoche de metal avança em minha retomada uma nuvem Voodoo para trás, consumindo parte de sua vida.Para cada inimigo atingido pela nuvem a duração de Boneca Voodoo (W) é prolongada em 1 segundo. E para cada segundo que eles se mantiverem na nuvem, o Boneca Voodoo recebe 0,4 segundos de redução de tempo de recarga. Entretanto, o Metal Puppet não pode se curar enquanto houverem inimigos na névoa. E - ESTRADAS PARA LOUISIANA: Fantoche de metal avança na minha linha deixar uma nuvem Voodoo para trás, consumindo parte de sua vida. Para cada inimigo atingido pela nuvem, a duração do Voodoo Doll (W) é estendida em 1 segundo. E para cada segundo que eles permanecem na nuvem, o Voodoo Doll recebe 0,4 segundos de redução do resfriamento. No entanto, o Metal Puppet não pode se curar enquanto houver inimigos na névoa. E - CAMINOS A LOUISIANA: Fantoche de metal avanza en mi linea dejando atrás de um nube de Voodoo, consumindo parte de sua vida. Por cada enemigo golpeado pelo nube, uma durabilidade de Voodoo Doll (W) se estende por 1 segundo. Y por cada segundo que permanecen en la nube, Voodoo Doll recibe 0.4 segundos de reducción de enfriamiento. Sin embargo, Metal Puppet no puede curarse a sí mismo mientras haya enemigos en la niebla. --x-- R - MESTRE DAS MARIONETES: Fantoche de metal libera uma enorme nuvem voodoo a sua volta. Essa nuvem entrega a Metal Puppet bonecos voodoo de todos os pilotos adversário atingidos, assim, o controle de seus carros.Os adversários irão imitar / replicar os movimentos de Metal Puppet, como também, iram replicar / imitar o uso de suas habilidades, mas cada um com seu equivalente (EX: se Metal Puppet utilizar o Q, os seus adversários iram usar, cada um, seus próprios Q's). Durante esse tempo, ou seja, o adversário recebe fogo aliado. Essa habilidade dura 3 segundos. R - MESTRE DOS FANTOCHES: Fantoche de Metal libera uma enorme nuvem de vodu ao seu redor. Esta nuvem entrega bonecos de vodu do Metal Puppet de todos os motoristas adversários afetados, controlando assim seus carros. Os oponentes irão imitar / replicar os movimentos do Metal Puppet, bem como, irão replicar / imitar o uso de suas habilidades, mas cada um com seu equivalente (EX: se Metal Puppet usar o Q, seus oponentes usarão, cada um, seus próprios Q's). Durante este tempo, uma equipe adversária recebe o fogo aliado. Essa habilidade dura 3 segundos. R - MESTRE DOS FANTOCHES: Fantoche de metal lanza una enorme nube vudú a su alrededor. Esta nube entrega um boneco de metal muñecos vudú de todos los condutores adversarios afectados, controlando así sus coches. Los oponentes imitarán / replicarán los movimientos de Metal Puppet, así como, replicarán / imitarán el uso de sus habilidades, pero cada una con su equivalente (EX: si Metal Puppet usa la Q, sus oponentes usarán, cada una, sus propias Q's) . Durante este tempo, el equipo contrario recibe fuego aliado. Esta habilidad tiene una duración de 3 segundos.
  8. Name: Not Ex Its Role: Interceptor Graphic Concept: A minivan with antenna on the top, who intensify the power of the skills. (Uma minivan com antena no topo, que intensifica o poder das habilidades.) Lore: One hacker who deleted the files of the past, and hide your identity in a led helmet. Maybe Stingray knows about or maybe not, about this pilot... (Hacker que excluiu os arquivos do passado e oculta sua identidade em um capacete de led. Talvez Stingray saiba ou não, sobre esse piloto...) Passive - DDOS Attack Each hit of your basic skills marks the opponents for a period of time, each subsequent hit increases the counter and renews the time. When the mark counter reaches 8, the affected enemy has the cooldown of his last used basic skill increased by 2 seconds, if not in cooldown disables it for 2 seconds. (Cada acerto das suas habilidades básicas marcam os adversários por um período de tempo, cada acerto seguinte aumenta o contador e renova o tempo. Quando o contador das marcas chega a 8, o inimigo afetado tem o cooldown de sua ultima habilidade básica usada aumentado em 2 segundos, caso não esteja em cooldown desabilita a mesma por 2 segundos.) 1st Skill - Pishing Shoots a laser beam straight in front of the car, the enemy hit by the beam receives for 0.5 seconds a mark that prevents the use of skills, during that time if the affected enemy tries to use it, he will be prevented from using it, will receive the silence effect for 1.2 seconds and will receive low damage. (Atira um raio laser em linha reta à frente do carro, o inimigo atingido pelo raio recebe por 0,5 segundos uma marca que impede o uso de habilidades, durante esse tempo se o inimigo afetado tentar usar, será impedido de usar a mesma, receberá o efeito de silencio por 1,2 segundos e recebera um dano baixo.) 2nd Skill - Overcharged Electrify an area around the car, hit enemies take low damage, briefly lose control of their machines and are pushed to the edge of the skill for the duration. (Eletrifica uma área ao redor do carro, inimigos atingidos recebem um dano baixo, por um breve momento perdem o controle de suas maquinas e são empurrados para a borda da habilidade enquanto durar.) 3rd Skill - Blackout It remains invisible for a short time and reappears with a small aura around the machine that makes the enemies hit spin. (Fica invisível por um curto período de tempo e reaparece com uma pequena aura ao redor da maquina que faz os inimigos atingidos girarem.) Ultimate - Glitch For a very short time it hacks the runway system, increasing the size of allied droppers and turning off enemy droppers. (Por um curtíssimo período de tempo hackeia o sistema da pista, aumentando o tamanho dos droppers aliados e desligando os droppers inimigos.) Grateful for the attention!
  9. New Machine Concept: Project X. Description: An interceptor that can track enemies. Pilot's appearance: A Scorpion mutant designed in a zoomorph lab, but is not actually a zoomorph. Machine's appearance: A scorpion motifed tank which has giant claws and a stinger cannon. Lore: The City of Manfall wanted a super being, so they selected a scorpion for the experiment. It was a success! Then he rebelled against his creators and entered the arena to find his purpose. Abilities: Passive: Venom. Gives a damage nerf to enemies. Q: Claw crunch. Punches enemies with his claws dealing low damage. W: Tailpoon. Releases the harpoon on his machine's tail dragging in enemies and dealing damage. E: Spike tracks. Spikes appear on his tank's tracks which can crush enemies if they get to close. R: Guillotine. Extends his machine's claws outward and crushes enemies between them resulting in an instant death.
  10. New Machine Concept: Streetwise. Description: An interceptor that specializes in flanking. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a golden retriever zoomorph in a hitwoman's outfit. Machine's appearance: A Porsche with two guns on the front, and spikes on the wheels. Lore: A hitwoman from the City Of Manfall enters the arena not out of greed or money but to sabotage the match and kill anyone that she doesn't trust. Abilities: Passive: Criminal mastermind. Allows Streetwise to target enemies' weak spots. Q: Leadpumper. Fires machine guns from the front of her machine dealing low damage to enemies. W: Headshot. She sticks her arm out her window holding a pistol and shoots at enemies. (May cause skid.) E: Forced getaway. Accelerates forward dropping caltrops popping enemies' tires and dealing damage. R: Blacklist. When this is activated a picture of the next target is shown, and gives a damage boost to weapons Q and W when they are used on the chosen enemy.
  11. Para quem não viu a parte 1 For those who haven't seen part 1 Pour ceux qui n'ont pas vu la partie 1 DR. DYNAMITE Para essa nova versão dele, o design original vai se manter, pensei nele com um personagem de sabotagem, fazendo os inimigos sofrerem. For this new version of him, the original design will remain, I thought of him as a sabotage character, making the enemies suffer. Pour cette nouvelle version de lui, le design original restera, je le considérais comme un personnage de sabotage, faisant souffrir les ennemis. Theme: Aparencia do piloto: A roupa padrão dele iria se manter totalmente, a diferença será no seu visual que será mais puxado ao Heisenberg, sendo careca e tendo uma barba mais grossa e ele seria mais serio em vez de simplesmente um louco. Pilot Appearance: His standard outfit would be fully maintained, the difference will be in his look that will be more pulled to Heisenberg, being bald and having a thicker beard and he would be more serious instead of just crazy. Apparence du pilote: sa tenue standard serait entièrement maintenue, la différence serait dans son look qui serait plus attiré par Heisenberg, étant chauve et ayant une barbe plus épaisse, il serait plus sérieux au lieu de devenir fou Descrição da Maquina: A Maquina classica reformada pro jogo atual seria perfeita, ele poderia ser do tamanho da Little Monster, ou maior porem sendo menor que o Rampage. A fumaça seria verde para aliados e roxa para inimigos. Machine Description: The refurbished classic machine for the current game would be perfect, it could be the size of Little Monster, or larger but smaller than the Rampage. The smoke would be green for allies and purple for enemies. Description de la machine: La machine classique remise à neuf pour le jeu actuel serait parfaite. Elle pourrait être de la taille de Little Monster ou plus grande mais plus petite que la Rampage. La fumée serait verte pour les alliés et violette pour les ennemis. Plot: Ao dia, um famoso medico e farmacêutico, um homem bondoso que criou curas para varias doenças. A noite, ele mostra sua verdadeira face, um dos maiores traficantes de armas quimicas de Metal City. Foi preso em uma emboscada, porem em seu julgamento, o secto e os patronos perceberam seu potencial e agora foi sentenciado a criar armas para eles. Corre nas arenas para poder testar suas armas e seus venenos. Plot: By day, a famous doctor and pharmacist, a kind man who created cures for various diseases. At night, he shows his true face, one of Metal City's biggest chemical weapons dealers. He was arrested in an ambush, but in his trial the secto and patrons realized their potential and were now sentenced to create weapons for them. Run through the arenas to test your weapons and poisons. Parcelle: Le jour, un célèbre médecin et pharmacien, un homme généreux qui a créé des remèdes pour diverses maladies. La nuit, il montre son vrai visage, l'un des plus grands revendeurs d'armes chimiques de Metal City. Il a été arrêté dans une embuscade, mais lors de son procès, la secto et ses clients ont compris leur potentiel et ont été condamnés à créer des armes pour eux. Courez à travers les arènes pour tester vos armes et vos poisons. PASSIVA: Inimigos atingidos pelas suas armas recebem o status de Intoxicado (Tomam dano por segundo durante alguns segundos, caso seja atingido novamente o dano aumenta progressivamente) PASSIVE: Enemies hit by your weapons gain Intoxicated status. (Take damage per second for a few seconds, if hit again damage increases progressively.) PASSIVE: les ennemis frappés par vos armes acquièrent le statut Intoxiqué (Inflige des dégâts par seconde pendant quelques secondes. Si vous touchez de nouveau, les dégâts augmentent progressivement.). 1ª Habilidade: Deixa uma bomba em formato de capsula cheia de gás, preso fixamente no chão e funcionaria como uma parede. Ela explode depois de alguns segundos (precisa de testes pra ter um valor preciso) e espalha um gás em area por alguns segundos que causa dano por segundo, tanto a explosão quanto o gás causa o efeito de Intoxicado. Caso um inimigo colida com a bomba receberá o efeito de Intoxicado, porem o tempo de duração do gás após a explosão é reduzido. 1st Skill: Leaves a gas-filled capsule-shaped bomb fixed to the floor and would work as a wall. It explodes after a few seconds (needs testing to be accurate) and scatters a gas in area for a few seconds that deals damage per second, both blasting and gas causing the Intoxicated effect . If an enemy collides with the bomb, the effect will be intoxicated, but the duration of gas after the explosion is reduced. 1er Compétence: Laisse une bombe en forme de capsule remplie de gaz fixée au sol et ferait office de mur. Il explose au bout de quelques secondes (il faut que les tests soient précis) et diffuse un gaz dans une zone pendant quelques secondes, qui inflige des dégâts à la seconde, à la fois le dynamitage et les gaz provoquant l'effet Intoxiqué. Si un ennemi entre en collision avec la bombe, l’effet sera ivre mais la durée d’essence après l’explosion est réduite. 2ª HABILIDADE: Cria um Domo em volta do carro onde começa uma chuva acida, carros inimigos dentro do domo tomam dano por segundo, inimigos atingidos pela chuva recebem Intoxicado 2nd SKILL: Creates a Dome around the car where acid rain begins, enemy cars inside the dome take damage per second, rain-hit enemies get intoxicated 2ème compétence: Crée un dôme autour de la voiture où la pluie acide commence, les voitures ennemies à l'intérieur du dôme subissent des dégâts à la seconde, les ennemis frappés par la pluie s'enivrent 3ª HABILIDADE: Da um leve boost pra frente e solta uma poça de gosma que causa Slow nos inimigos que passam em cima, inimigos recebem Intoxicado. 3rd SKILL: Gives a slight boost forward and releases a puddle of ooze that causes Slow on enemies that pass over, enemies get Intoxicated. 3ème COMPÉTENCE: donne un léger coup de pouce en avant et libère une flaque de boue qui ralentit les ennemis qui passent, les ennemis deviennent ivres. ULTIMATE: Solta uma bomba Nuclear que forma uma explosão em formato de cogumelo, a Explosão causa empurrão, dano e deixa fumaça toxica em uma area maior que a 1ª HABILIDADE, inimigos atingidos recebem intoxicado ULTIMATE: Unleashes a Nuclear Bomb that forms a mushroom-shaped blast, the Blast deals push, damage, and leaves toxic smoke in an area larger than 1st SKILL, enemies hit get intoxicated. ULTIMATE: Lâche une bombe nucléaire qui forme une explosion en forme de champignon. L’explosion inflige poussée, inflige des dégâts et laisse de la fumée toxique dans une zone plus grande que la 1ère COMPÉTENCE; les ennemis touchés s’intoxiquent.
  12. New machine concept: Onslaught. Description: An interceptor that can keep enemies close. Pilot's appearance He would wear a menacingly iron mask and would be extremely tall. Machine's appearance: It would be a rusted monster truck with a harpoon on the top and a plow in the front. Lore: A mysterious man who kills anyone who opposes him arrives in metal city after hearing about the arena and enters to kill Stingray and Photon cause he hates them for getting him arrested. Abilities: Passive: Madman. Damage increases for every enemy he's totaled but makes him venerable for 5s. Q: Rotary Missiles. Shoots 3 missiles from his rotary missile launchers dealing medium damage to enemies. W: Bloodpoon. Launches a harpoon from the top of his machine hooking on to anyone and dragging them towards him damaging them. E: Killstreak. Accelerates forward ramming enemies with his plow. (Damage may vary. 50 for head on, 75 for into wall.) R: Bodycount. Flamethrowers appear on both sides of his machine, a buzzsaw appears on the back, and machine guns fire everywhere dealing high damage to enemies all around him.
  13. New machine concept: Quickstop. Description: An interceptor that uses speed to his offence. Pilot's appearance: He would be a race car driver with flames on his suit. Machine's appearance: It would be a stock car (As pictured below.) But with a huge wing and have blue flames on it. Lore: A famous racer from the Metal City Speedway goes to the arena after hearing about Black Lotus and decides to challenge him. Abilities: Passive: Burning Rubber. With every activation of weapon E he gets a speed boost for each. Q: Boomerang blast. Shoots a boomerang out which deals damage and comes back to him. Multiple boomerangs can be fired but when all of them are used up the cooldown starts. W: Spoiler Blade. Quickstop's spoiler extends out the sides slicing enemies and dealing damage. E: Adrenaline Rush. Quickstop accelerates at immense speed leaving a trail of burnt rubber. R: Victory Lap. A finish line appears in front of Quickstop which lasts for 7s when he crosses it enemies take high damage but when he fails to he takes damage himself.
  14. New machine concept: Candy Queen. Description: A Interceptor that uses candy themed weapons to battle enemies. Pilot's appearance: She would be a girl in brightly colored clothes reminiscent of candy. Machine's appearance: It would be a kart made out of candy akin to that of Sugar Rush from Wreck It Ralph. Lore: A sugar addict who loves sweets! Any kind of sweets from gumdrops to peppermints. One day while she was chewing her gum she found a flyer for the metal arena and she gladly entered to sweeten up the competition! Abilities: Passive: Tasty treat. The candy tastes so good that cooldowns are faster. Q: Powermint. Shoots out a peppermint that deals damage to enemies. W: Taffy stream. releases a stream of taffy that sticks to enemies. 2nd activation: the taffy reals the enemy in dealing damage. E: Bubblegum boost. A bubble inflates from the back of her machine. When it bursts she is propelled forward. R: Jawbreaker. Shoots out a giant Jawbreaker which rolls at enemies dealing immense damage.
  15. New machine concept: Spikestrip. Description: An interceptor who can damage enemies without using his weapons. Pilot's appearance: He would be a porcupine zoomorph in punk clothing. Machine's appearance: It would be covered in spikes similar to the buzzards from Mad Max Fury Road. Lore: Alert and on edge Spike Stabbington a edgy teenage zoomorph steals a car and covers it with spikes, then he enters the arena to draw some attention to fellow teens. Abilities: Passive: Porcupine. Enemies take damage when they get too near. Q: Impaling quill. Fires a quill at enemies dealing low damage and can cause skid. W: Homing quill. Fires a quill that can home on to targets. E: Javelin Accelerates forward ramming into enemies dealing medium damage. R: Scatterspike. Fires all his quills from his machine dealing high damage to all enemies around him.
  16. New machine concept: Frankenscrap. Description: An Interceptor that repairs himself when destroying enemy machines. Pilot's appearance: He would be made entirely out of parts from a junkyard. Machine's appearance: A garbage truck with three giant claws one on top and two on the arms. Lore: A man who was extremely injured in an accident when the apocalypse happened. Artificer found what was left of him and converted him into a Frankenstein- esque cyborg. He now fights in the arena wanting others to experience the type of pain he went through and to thank Artificer for her help. Abilities: Passive: Incinerator. Whenever he defeats a enemy the usual death animation doesn't happen. Instead he picks them up and places them into his incinerator on top of his truck which restores his health. Q: Junk throw. Lobs a ball of scrap at enemies dealing damage. When the ball doesn't hit an enemy it explodes tossing scrap everywhere dealing damage. W: Lifter. Frankenscrap picks up an enemy and slams them three times dealing damage, and throws them back dealing more damage. E: Dump the junk. He opens up his hopper and dumps scrap on the ground dealing damage to enemies that drive over. R: Squeezeplay. Frankenscrap picks up an enemy with all three of his claws mashing them between dealing high damage.
  17. New machine concept: Chilblaine. Description: A transporter freezing machine. Pilot's appearance: He would wear a bio suit for cold weather. Machine's appearance: A snow cleaner with a large ice cannon on the back. Lore: The arch nemesis of Icebringer enters the arena to put him on ice for good because of a incident that he was blamed for. Abilities: Passive: Sub zero. Enemies are slowed when near. Q: Ice beam. Shoots a beam of ice at enemies freezing and damaging them. W: Ice armor. Shields himself with armor made out of unbreakable ice reflecting projectiles back at enemies. E Clear the way! Accelerates forward ramming enemies with his plow dealing high damage. R: Icicle storm. rains down icicles from above dealing damage to enemies all around.
  18. Name: Bubblegum Role: Interceptor Graphic concept: Concept: An interceptor designed to slow down and even stop enemy movements. (Um interceptador feito para desacelerar e até mesmo parar os movimentos do inimigo.) Lore: A chilly girl with an addiction to chewing gum. She only just got to Metal City with no real goals aside from checking if there's anything interesting to do there. That's when she saw a mysterious flyer down on some dark alleys, which offered a reward to whoever managed to put a stop on Black Lotus. Needless to say, she was up for the challenge. (Uma garota tranquila viciada em mascar chiclete. Ela acabou de chegar a Metal City sem nenhum propósito a não sei ver se há algo de interessante para fazer lá. Foi quando ela encontrou um panfleto misterioso num beco escuro oferecendo uma recompensa para quem conseguisse parar a Black Lotus. Evidentemente, ela aceitou o desafio.) HP: 600 Mobility lvl: 4/6 Passive: Pop When Bubblegum gets destroyed, she inflates and then explodes like an actual bubble gum, sticking to the ground every enemy around her (something similar to Killer J's passive), locking them on the spot for 2s. (Quando Bubblegum é destruída, ela se infla e então explode como uma bolha de chiclete, grudando todos os inimigos próximos ao chão, prendendo-os no local por 2s (algo similar ao efeito da passiva do Killer J). Q: Gumgun Shoots a small sticky sphere with middle range forward, which sticks to the first enemy it hits and blows up after 3s. This countdown gets reset every time the target gets hit by another sphere before the first one blows up. For that reason, the weapon's cooldown must be very short (let's say 1s). In short, all of the spheres that hit a machine will explode at once. When this happens, they stick the the target to the ground, applying some strenght that slows them down, aside from dealing damage. Both the damage and the slowdown effect are cumulative, which means the target may even come to a complete stop if it gets hit by enough spheres, depending on it's current speed and mass. (Dispara uma pequena esfera grudenta com alcance médio à frente, que gruda no primeiro inimigo atingido e explode após 3s. Esse tempo é resetado toda vez que o alvo é atingido por outra esfera antes que a primeira exploda. Para isso, o cooldown da arma precisa ser baixo (digamos 1s). Em resumo, todas as esferas que atinjam uma máquina explodirão ao mesmo tempo. Quando isso acontece, elas se grudam no chão, aplicando uma força que desacelera o alvo, além de causar dano. Tanto o dano quanto o efeito de desaceleração são cumulativos, o que significa que um alvo pode ser até mesmo parado completamente caso seja atingido por esferas o suficiente, dependendo de seu peso e sua velocidade atual.) W: Fly Trap Shoots a large sticky sphere with middle range forward, which sticks to the ground when it reaches maximum range or whenever it hits an enemy. If it hits an enemy, it locks them to the ground on the spot. During 2s, every other enemy that touches the sphere sticks to it as well. It's duration gets 1s longer everytime a new enemy gets stuck in it. After that time, it blows up, dealing some damage to every enemy affected and pushing them away. The bomb, if uncarried, also sticks to the sphere. (Dispara uma grande esfera grudenta com meédio alcance à frente, que gruda no chão quando chega ao alcance máximo ou quando quer que atinja um inimigo. Caso atinja um inimigo, ela o gruda ao chão, prendendo-o no local. Durante 2s, todo inimigo que tocar a esfera também gruda nela. Sua duração fica 1s mais longa cada vez que um novo inimigo fica preso nela. Após esse tempo, ela explode, causando algum dano a todos os alvos e empurrando-os. A bomba, caso esteja solta, também fica presa à esfera.) E: Burst Bubblegum leaps forward, gaining mass for a moment and dealing a small amount of damage to every enemy she hits. If she hits a machine that's currently stuck to any of the spheres from her other weapons, all of those spheres instantly explode, dealing their respective effects. (Bubblegum salta à frente, ganhando massa momentaneamente e causando um pequeno dano a todo inimigo atingido. Caso ela atinja um inimigo ao qual esteja grudada alguma das esferas de suas outras armas, todas essas esferas explodem instantaneamente, causando seus respectivos efeitos.) R: Boom Boom Boom Boom Bubblegum takes 4 shots, 1 every 0,5s. Each one of them shoots 3 small sticky spheres (to a total of 12 spheres) with middle range outwards (like Stingray's weapon 1, but on straight lines). Each sphere sticks to the first enemy it hits just like Gumgun, and then starts inflating, exploding after 3s. During that time, it also sticks to walls (locking the target on the spot) or to any other enemy it touches (in this case, all enemies affected get stuck to one another until the sphere blows up). Unlike Gumgun, each of Boom Boom Boom Boom's spheres explode independently. Each explosion deals damage and abruptly pushes away every enemy affected (if an enemy gets hit by 4 spheres, they'll suffer from the effects of 4 consecutive explosions, one after the other). (Bubblegum realiza 4 disparos, 1 a cada 0,5s. Cada disparo lança 3 pequenas esferas grudentas (12 no total) com médio alcance na mesma direção da arma 1 do Stingray, porém em linhas retas. Cada esfera gruda no primeiro inimigo tocado, como Gumgun, e então começa a se inflar, explodindo após 3s. Durante esse tempo, ela também gruda em paredes (prendendo o alvo no local) ou a qualquer outro inimigo que toque (neste caso, todos os inimigos afetados ficam presos um ao outro até que a esfera exploda). Diferentemente de Gumgun, cada uma das esferas de Boom Boom Boom Boom explode independentemente. Cada explosão causa dano e empurra bruscamente todos os inimigos afetados (caso um inimigo seja atingido por 4 esferas, ele sofre os efeitos de 4 explosões consecutivas, uma depois da outra).) Quotes: Pick quote: *bubble gum inflating and bursting* Kill quote: *humming her theme song's melody* Low life quote: I'm gonna burst! Special weapon quote: Stick around! Win quote: I don't wanna burst your bubble, but... Lose quote: Those guys are gonna find some chewed gum behind their steering wheels...
  19. New machine concept: Shroud. Description: A Interceptor-transporter that can deliver the bomb and deal decent damage. Pilot's appearance: He would be a Gecko zoomorph who's a ninja. Vehicle's appearance: it would be a Bugatti like hypercar with scaly patterns. Lore: A mysterious zoomorph is on a mission to stop Black Lotus from learning the history behind the City of Manfall. He enters the arena to fulfill his mission. Abilities: Passive: Stealth. Enemy team cannot hear the engine. Q: Shuriken. Fires a shuriken at enemies dealing damage and it can bounce off walls. W: Camouflage. Disappears for 4s but he stays invisible longer with damage done by shuriken. E: Silent speed. Accelerates forward without a sound. R: Stealthy slash. Disappears for 4s just like with W and cuts through enemies instantly killing them. (Tricky to use)
  20. New machine concept: Painbow. Description: A slippery interceptor that drifts and uses the power of colors. Pilot's appearance: She would be a harajuku girl but more "cyberpunk". Vehicle's appearance: It would be a Nissan 350Z with rainbow patterns on the sides. Lore: A aboslute fan of Stingray who used to visit the arena to watch her idol compete and would always cheer him on. She enters the arena to pursue him and get his autograph. Abilities: Passive: Drift master. Painbow has a energy bar which when full the stronger weapon 3 will be. Q: Rainbow ray. Shoots a ray of flashing colors at enemies dealing damage. W: Rainbow bomb. Painbow lobs a multicolored ball at enemies which when hits explodes into flashing colors dealing damage. E: Rainbow drift. Surges forward leaving multicolored tire marks, but when the E key is held down she starts drifting. R: Thunderstorm. Painbow summons a huge storm cloud which deals high damage to enemies when the get to close.
  21. Damascus, O Ceifador do Fim do Mundo. Resumo O kit de Damascus seria baseado no uso de correntes de ferro Damasco, Damascus foi um carrasco cruel que lidou que buscava acabar com as injustiças e foi para a Arena para acabar com as desigualdades do mundo do Metal. Sua música tema seria um estilo árabe, porque esse ferro vem do oriente médio. O carro seria um triciclo estilo tuk-tuk. Passiva: Ligação pelos fracos Damascus usa uma habilidade e marca um carro, se um carro inimigo estiver próximo ele recebe uma ligação. Arma 1: Eu vi você! Damascus solta uma skillshot que da um dano em 30% da vida baseado na vida atual do alvo. Arma 2: A correnteza está ao meu favor! Damascus recebe velocidade de movimento na direção dos marcados, ao passar por uma corrente ele da um dano e puxa levemente os carros dos quais ele passou entre suas correntes virando suas frentes levemente para a direção da corrente. Arma 3: Correntes da Esperança Damascus usa um efeito que é uma skillshot em um carro marcado que gera um efeito ao passar pelas correntes, dando velocidade de movimento para quem passa. Arma 4: Get over here! Damascus puxa todos os carros para o carros marcados para o mais próximo, dando dano baseado no número de carros que bateram uns nos outros.
  22. CAR NAME: Permafrost PILOT NAME: Ōrora B. Tomoe CLASS: Interceptor Aparencia da Piloto: Usaria um kimono branco com rajadas azul claro, ela nunca é vista sem sua espada. Possui cabelos pretos longos com uma mecha branca, sua aparencia seria claramente oriental. Ela seria bastante séria e muito calada, mas fica envergonhada muito facilmente. Ela privilegia a honra acima de qualquer coisa. Pilot's appearance: She would wear a white kimono with light blue streaks, she is never seen without her sword. He has long black hair with a white streak, his appearance would be clearly oriental. She would be quite serious and very quiet, but she is ashamed very easily. She favors honor above anything. Apparence de pilote: elle porterait un kimono blanc avec des stries bleu clair, on ne la voit jamais sans son épée. Il a de longs cheveux noirs avec une mèche blanche, son apparence serait clairement orientale. Elle serait très sérieuse et très calme, mais elle a honte très facilement. Elle privilégie l'honneur avant tout. Apariencia del piloto: Ella usaría un kimono blanco con rayas azules claras, nunca se la ve sin su espada. Tiene el pelo largo y negro con una raya blanca, su apariencia sería claramente oriental. Sería muy seria y muy callada, pero se avergüenza muy fácilmente. Ella favorece el honor por encima de todo. Aparencia do Veículo: ESSE CARRO AQUI É A DESCRIÇÃO PERFEITA Vehicle Appearance: THIS CAR HERE IS THE PERFECT DESCRIPTION Apparence du véhicule: CETTE VOITURE VOICI LA DESCRIPTION PARFAITE Apariencia del vehículo: ESTE COCHE AQUÍ ES LA DESCRIPCIÓN PERFECTA THEME: LORE Escolhida como representante de seu povo que é de uma cidade do extremo oriente de Metal City. Esse povo usa as vibrações do Heavy Metal em tecnicas de luta. Ela é bastante focada em sua missão de mostrar que a visão do Metal de seu povo é a forma correta. Ela possui algum conhecimento sobre alguns segredos de Black Lotus e suas habilidades. Chosen as a representative of its people who are from a city in the far east of Metal City. These people use the vibrations of Heavy Metal in fighting techniques. She is very focused on her mission to show that her people's Metal vision is the right way. She has some knowledge of some Black Lotus secrets and her abilities. Choisi en tant que représentant de ses habitants originaires d'une ville située à l'extrême est de Metal City. Ces personnes utilisent les vibrations du Heavy Metal dans les techniques de combat. Elle est très concentrée sur sa mission de montrer que la vision Metal de son peuple est la bonne façon. Elle a une certaine connaissance de certains secrets du Black Lotus et de ses capacités. Elegida como representante de su gente que es de una ciudad en el extremo este de Metal City. Estas personas usan las vibraciones del Heavy Metal en las técnicas de lucha. Está muy centrada en su misión de mostrar que la visión Metal de su gente es la correcta. Ella tiene algún conocimiento de algunos secretos de Black Lotus y sus habilidades. PASSIVE - Chills Possui uma aura gelada numa area circular do tamanho da segunda habilidade da Artificer. Inimigos dentro dessa area sofrerão um leve efeito de slow. It has an icy aura in a circular area the size of Artificer's second skill. Enemies within this area will experience a slight slow effect. Il a une aura glacée dans une zone circulaire de la taille de la deuxième compétence de l'artificier. Les ennemis dans cette zone subiront un léger effet lent. Tiene un aura helada en un área circular del tamaño de la segunda habilidad del Artífice. Los enemigos dentro de esta área experimentarán un ligero efecto lento. 1st SKILL - Frost Bite Cria presas de gelo a frente do carro que bate no chão como a pá do Rampage. Se um inimigo estiver na area de impacto toma um dano instantaneo e Permafrost fica agarrado a ele durante alguns segundos, não podendo controlar seu carro, causando dano por segundo. Ela não pode usar outra habilidade se estiver presa. Segunda ativação: Solta o inimigo. It creates ice fangs in front of the car that hits the ground like the Rampage's shovel. If an enemy is in the impact area it takes instant damage and Permafrost is attached to him for a few seconds, unable to control his car, causing damage per second. She cannot use another skill if she is trapped. Second activation: Release the enemy. Il crée des crocs de glace devant la voiture qui touchent le sol comme la pelle du Rampage. Si un ennemi se trouve dans la zone d'impact, il subit des dégâts instantanés et du pergélisol est attaché à lui pendant quelques secondes, incapable de contrôler sa voiture, ce qui provoque des dégâts par seconde. Elle ne peut pas utiliser une autre compétence si elle est piégée. Deuxième activation: relâchez l'ennemi. Crea colmillos de hielo frente al auto que golpea el suelo como la pala del Rampage. Si un enemigo está en el área de impacto, recibe daño instantáneo y Permafrost se adhiere a él por unos segundos, incapaz de controlar su auto, causando daño por segundo. Ella no puede usar otra habilidad si está atrapada. Segunda activación: libera al enemigo. 2nd SKILL - Falling Snow Invoca 5 laminas feitas de gelo que, caso batem em algo ou chegam a distancia maxima, causam uma explosão de neve que atrapalham o percurso dos inimigos, causando slow. Se bater num inimigo causa dano, a explosão de neve não causa dano. Summons 5 blades made of ice that, if they hit something or reach the maximum distance, cause an explosion of snow that hinder the enemies' path, causing slow. If hitting an enemy does damage, the blast of snow does no damage. Invoque 5 lames de glace qui, si elles heurtent quelque chose ou atteignent la distance maximale, provoquent une explosion de neige qui gêne la trajectoire des ennemis et ralentit. Si frapper un ennemi fait des dégâts, le souffle de neige ne fait pas de dégâts. Invoca 5 cuchillas hechas de hielo que, si golpean algo o alcanzan la distancia máxima, causan una explosión de nieve que dificulta el camino de los enemigos, causando lentitud. Si golpear a un enemigo hace daño, la explosión de nieve no hace daño. 3rd SKILL - Snowblind Solta uma explosão de neve em volta do carro e da um boost de velocidade (Boost do Killer J ao contrario). A explosão empurra e causa dano em inimigos. It releases an explosion of snow around the car and gives a speed boost (Killer J's Boost in reverse). The explosion pushes and damages enemies. Il libère une explosion de neige autour de la voiture et augmente la vitesse (Boost de Killer J au contraire). L'explosion pousse et endommage les ennemis. Lanza una ráfaga de nieve alrededor del automóvil y aumenta la velocidad (Killer J's Boost, por el contrario). La explosión empuja y daña a los enemigos. ULTIMATE - SnowBall Effect Cria uma bola de neve que vai crescendo com o passar do tempo até um tamanho maximo, quanto maior a bola, maior o dano e a area de explosão. Creates a snowball that grows over time to a maximum size, the larger the ball, the greater the damage and the area of explosion. Crée une boule de neige qui grandit avec le temps jusqu'à une taille maximale, plus la balle est grosse, plus les dégâts et la zone d'explosion sont importants. Crea una bola de nieve que crece con el tiempo hasta un tamaño máximo, cuanto más grande es la bola, mayor es el daño y el área de explosión.
  23. New Machine concept: Mainframe. Description: A Interceptor that gives his enemies viruses. Pilot's appearance: He would be a cyberpunk biker in a racing outfit. Machine's appearance: A futuristic Motorcycle like these complete in a cybergrid pattern. Lore: A biker who's a computer whiz built the 1st supercomputer which can turn into a mobile pad hacked into Maximatics and stole the tech used to create the drones of the metal gladiators enters the arena cause he has a grudge against Vulture. (And to use the tech to it's maximum potential.) Abilities: Passive: Lag. Enemies' weapons take longer to cooldown. Q: Microblast. Shoots a projectile made out of cyber energy at enemies dealing damage. W: Sabotage. Mainframe hacks into enemies' machines which can be used to attack one another. E: Cybergrid speed. Mainframe accelerates forward full throttle leaving a Cybernetic trail damaging and hacking enemies when they drive over. R: EMP Virus. Mainframe releases a EMP blast disabling enemy vehicles for 10s.
  24. New machine concept: Leadslinger. Description: A high damage dealing interceptor that has really precise aim. Pilot's appearance: She'd be a cowgirl with a really good eye. Machine's appearance: A armored dune buggy like these but with more guns. Lore A cowgirl who's part of the MCJD (Metal City Justice Department) who keep Metal City crime free from the likes of Killer J and anything sect related. She enters the arena after finding new prey in that of Full Metal Judge. Abilities: Passive: Blazing guns. Increases damage with each shot that hits. Q: Machine guns. Leadslinger fires her fast blazing machine guns at enemies dealing high damage. W: Round em' up!. She pulls out her lasso and pulls a enemy towards her damaging them. E: Bull charge. Bull horns deploy from Leadslinger's front and she charges forward dealing high damage to enemies. R: High Noon. A giant pistol deploys from the back of Leadslinger dealing very high damage to enemies.
  25. Name: Heartbreaker Role: Interceptor Graphic concept: Just paint it pink or bright red. (Apenas pinte-o de rosa ou de vermelho claro.) Concept: An interceptor specialized in flanking. (Um interceptador especializado em flanquear.) Lore: Not only an ex underdog, but also Stingray's ex girlfriend. She used to develop weapons and sell them in secret to Maximatics. She was so cold blooded that, when Ray found out about it, she was already countless steps ahead of him. Before he could do anything about it she had already sent all of his personal information to the sect of metal, information that led to his arrest. Nowadays she's the main weapons dealer in Metal City and decided to join the arenas in order to openly advertise her weapons. (Não apenas uma ex underdog, mas também a ex namorada do Stingray. Ela costumava desenvolver armas e vendê-las em segredo para a Maximatics. Era uma pessoa tão fria que, quando Ray descobriu isso, ela já tinha um plano de contingência elaborado. Antes que ele pudesse fazer qualquer coisa a respeito ela já havia enviado todas as suas informações pessoais para o secto do metal, informações essas que levaram à captura do streamer. Hoje em dia ela é a maior contrabandista de armas de Metal City e decidiu entrar na arena para divulgar abertamente suas armas.) HP: 600 Mobility lvl: 4/6 Passive: Radar Pressing TAB with her allows the player to see a small grid to the left of the stats, which shows in real time the current HP and cooldown status of all weapons from all machines in the match. (Apertar TAB com ela permite ao jogador ver uma pequena tabela ao lado esquerdo das estatísticas, que mostra o HP e status do cooldown de todas as armas de todas as máquinas na arena em tempo real.) Q: Eagle Shoots a flying drone forward, which continuously shoots over an area bellow it, dealing damage while moving forward with long range (imagine Stargazer's weapon 1 and Dirt Devil's weapon 2 fused together). (Dispara um drone voador à frente, que metralha uma área debaixo de si continuamente enquanto se move à frente com longo alcance (imagine uma mistura da arma 1 da Stargazer com a arma 2 do Dirt Devil).) W: Hound Shoots out a spheric drone on the ground, which moves rolling on the direction of the mouse cursor until it hits a wall or an enemy, exploding on the spot dealing damage on a medium-small area. The W key may be kept pressed down in order for the mouse cursor to guide the Hound without moving Heartbreaker from a straight path, just like Peacemaker's weapon 1. (Dispara um drone esférico no chão, que vai rolando seguindo na direção do cursor do mouse até que atinja uma parede ou um veículo inimigo, explodindo e causando dano numa área médio-pequena. A tecla W pode permanecer pressionada para permitir que o cursor do mouse conduza o Hound sem interferir na trajetória em linha reta de Heartbreaker, assim como a arma 1 do Peacemaker.) E: Wasps Heartbreaker leaps forward, leaving small arrow-like drones at both of her sides before she does. The number of drones is equal to 2 plus the amount of final hits Heartbreaker has dealt since the last time she got destroyed to a maximum of 8 drones disposed at a certain distance from one another, side by side. The drones wait 1,2s and, then, fly straight back to Heartbreaker, passing through walls and dealing damage to every enemy on their path. 2nd activation: The drones fly back instantly. (Heartbreaker salta à frente, deixando pequenos drones em forma de flecha em seus lados antes de fazê-lo. O número de drones é igual a 2 mais a quantidade de golpes finais que Heartbreaker causou desde sua última reconstrução, até um máximo de 8 drones dispostos a uma certa distância um do outro, lado a lado. Os drones esperam 1,2s e, então, voam rapidamente na direção de Heartbreaker, atravessando paredes e causando dano a todos os inimigos em seu caminho. 2ª ativação: Chama os drones instantaneamente.) R: Viper As soon as Viper gets charged, heartbreaker lights up a laser aiming forward with infinite range. It doesn't go through walls or enemies, neither it deals damage. When Viper gets triggered, the laser instantly flashes brighter and vanishes, leaving a big luminous target sign under the first enemy it had been aiming at. For the following 7,5s, all of Heartbreaker's drones will automatically follow the target (Eagle will hover over it with limited mobility, Hound will try to go around walls to hit it and the Wasps will fly in it's direction). (Assim que Viper fica carregada, Heartbreaker acende um laser mirando à frente com alcance infinito. Ele não atravessa paredes ou inimigos nem causa dano. Quando Viper é acionado, o Laser instantaneamente brilha e some num flash, deixando um grande alvo luminoso sob o primeiro inimigo no qual ele estava sendo mirado. Pelos próximos 7,5s, todos os drones de Heartbreaker vão automaticamente seguir o alvo (Eagle vai flutuar sobre ele com mobilidade limitada, Hound vai tentar contornar paredes para alcançá-lo e as Wasps vão voar em sua direção).) Quotes: Pick quote: I like it heavy... Don't say I didn't warn you! Kill quote: You gotta last longer than that, sweetheart... Low life quote: Harder, daddy! Special weapon quote: You have my attention! Win quote: Don't you mess around with me! Lose quote: You're breaking my heart, darling...
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