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  1. After I finished a game, i got invited in party by some guys and when i joined he gave me the leadership but the game didnt took his leadership after he gave me and we ended having 2 leaders in the party, which made us close the party and restart the game because it happend again when we tried the second time.
  2. Sometimes after a while, the game just freezes/going into a weird mode where i can use my skills but the enemy machines doest get damage, the transporter going trought the side things and not dropping the ball and stuffs like that. I dont know what is happening or why but when it happens i need to restart my game if i want it to work back again. Some help please?
  3. I just have a qustion, the tournament is gonna be draft? and if so, are you gonna implement a draft system, at least for custom games before the tournament ( if you dont know what is draft, draft is what you mostly see at rankeds in games, first team has first pick then second team has next two picks, second team being unable to take what first team took as first pick, and so on ) so we can play scrims ( custom games, team against another team ).
  4. What is a deserter? Well, a deserter is a "temporary ban" of your account which doesn't allow you to enter in any game if you have it. I would like to mention that you can get a deserter only if you don't accept/refuse a game. Why I want to talk about deserter tho? Because once you get a deserter you don't quite know how much time you have it unless you press play and try to get into a game, but as I mentioned, it doesn't allow you. So what do I want? Well, what do I want is that to not be able to press play when I have a deserter and instead of showing me the play button, to show me the time of the deserter left ( ex: Deserter 4:53 and it going down to 0 which will change the deserter time shown to the play button, being able to start playing ). I want to mention that it was just an example ( the one with deserter instead of play button ), you could also only show in a corner the time of the deserter left or any way, just to know how much time i have deserter. All the regards, SeziBland
  5. If you're searching for players, you can easily join HMM Discord server, there you can find many players to play with. https://discord.gg/JZa5VvK
  6. Hey everyone, I've been playing HMM for a while and I reached a point where I can say that I am good at this game, so since I discovered that I've been looking for a tournament to see how it's going but unfortunately I couldn't find anything like that, so here it comes my question. Is there gonna be a competitive scene ( esport scene / pro scene ) in beta? Or it is gonna start only after the game is gonna be fully released? Also if there are some good guys that believe can play in a team and make synergy, I'm willing to create a team where we're gonna play together and have everyday scheduled training and stuffs like that. PS: I'm taking it serious and I'm looking forward for you to do the same.
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