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  1. This update removed everything that made the game fun, it isn't the same anymore, the exciting feeling you get when you saw those numbers build up while flamethrower was active as Wildfire, now I get one-shotted by enemy support and get killed all the time at the start of the round, my buddy who I play this with shares the same opinion, please revert those dmg scaling and new abilities. I liked how all the classes had their specialties like how dmg dealers deal dmg and tanks are tanky and have mobility but not much dmg, the same goes for healer who felt like a support and not much of a threat (in damage) but in CC and not like a monster hybrid dmg and healer... the new UI and graphics are fine and I like that goals get closer as time passes but the gameplay, I can't enjoy it anymore AND GET THOSE TALENT TREES BACK! that was so fun! We basically were done after the first game even while we won, hope things will work out tho, this game is unique and underrated at the moment! PS: sorry for my grammar, this is not my 1st language
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