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  1. Welcome Xabico and IceBoys to HMM. I hope you guys continue to enjoy the game (And possibly bring more into the game as well ) Hope to see you in-game ~Shadow~
  2. Hello OmEgA! So for starters, Have you tried the basic stuff such as Re-installing the game completely? They often can help in-case a file got corrupted while being downloaded. I personally, have not encountered this issue or seen anyone with it, but if you would like to report it directly to Hoplon where they can help you much easier than I can, http://www.heavymetalmachines.com/support/ is the place you may Submit a ticket. They are quite quick at replying to the tickets, and will try their best to ensure that you can get into the game ASAP! Sorry that I am not much help, I will reply if I can think of anything. Good Luck ~Shadow
  3. Ello LordNoob! So, for the report System, there is talk of one happening, and will be on its way soon. There is a AFK system to punish AFK'ers, but again, still a work in progress to perfect everything during the Alpha/Beta phase. If I had to guess, it will be announced in patch notes as one of the main parts of the update. As for the driving control, I will bring it up as an option, but it was talked about before, and majority of people agreed that Mouse control just ends up being much better than WASD controls. I will suggest the combination like you said though and try to get back to you on that And depending on how it is implemented, could add better changes. Thanks for the input though lordnoob, and welcome to the game
  4. Ello Metalheads! With the newest map, Temple of Sacrifice, being out for a while now... What is everyone's thoughts on the style of the new map, along with the new obsticals (Such as the mud)? Also, Which map do you all prefer with your play-styles? Temple or the Arena? Anything you, personally, think should be improved, changed, or maybe you think you would have done differently? (For those of you that want just an image to look at to kinda help base stuff off of, attached is image of Temple of Sacrifice Map, with Goal on Right Side)
  5. Unfortuently, the best fix to this currently is either by playing during the active times, or inviting some friends. Reason for it is due to not enough players playing during the off times (Or on NA in general)
  6. In terms of play-style, I personally go Photon. In design however, I gotta go Metal Herald
  7. By the sounds, I would have to take a guess that you are getting desynced from the servers in the middle of the game. Is your internet connection quite stable as you play, any frame drops, etc etc?
  8. Europe can be quite active during its peak times. NA unfortunately is dead most of the time, which is dissapointing, but roughly 4-5 hours per day, EU is active.
  9. I personally find myself listening to Enforcer in the Soundtrack, along with UnReleased Track B
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